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SAVE THE DATE: 10th Annual Asian Heritage Street Celebration Set for Saturday, May 17, 2014 at Civic Center/Little Saigon District

From: domainremoved <Angela>
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2013 18:17:18 -0500

AWF 2013 Logo [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=0015BitD2yCcVf7u82hK7-_dAa9jTVOYq68Z3utWhrK3PDXcoRO4frh2KsfP8PRUOYX0LB9C97buyfNOtgVo09EQIDgRWrEi5lrXxFy4JRPY0qxkwZ_pqMwOlL2QcgS4JTdxnMYxooKUwTbGVwACSIVPcvIdZIp4H5Iuh5GzZNF5lzG00servnA2jOzc40AXF1f&c=oi5jt4SDxqzy0Itu0e3MxmVhqo7wWfwa3Ufy_QhyFN5bqFhV5SbCQQ==&ch=FstmIDIBhymohPS8SYLpsoDICu2qB3aH7Qpzi5OQiiCEh5JoUkrkEQ==]
 AHSC logo [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=0015BitD2yCcVf7u82hK7-_dAa9jTVOYq68Z3utWhrK3PDXcoRO4frh2NA4YCyNsaQBbk8NZ6WbV4S4Q2GYiG6DFWrh3s8ywmmhx-wnSFE9GnFhFlflXuFuHHSckbFVYADrvXzb159tqMavszYQFoznVarlDI38HeyG2yWNg48QRC4=&c=oi5jt4SDxqzy0Itu0e3MxmVhqo7wWfwa3Ufy_QhyFN5bqFhV5SbCQQ==&ch=FstmIDIBhymohPS8SYLpsoDICu2qB3aH7Qpzi5OQiiCEh5JoUkrkEQ==]
For More Information Contact:
Angela Pang
(415) 373-4002

Please post on calendar
- Awards and Prize Money for best "Faces of Asia" Participants -

crowd 2011 ahsc [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=0015BitD2yCcVf7u82hK7-_dAa9jTVOYq68Z3utWhrK3PDXcoRO4frh2NA4YCyNsaQBbk8NZ6WbV4S4Q2GYiG6DFWrh3s8ywmmhx-wnSFE9GnFhFlflXuFuHHSckbFVYADrvXzb159tqMavszYQFoznVarlDI38HeyG2yWNg48QRC4=&c=oi5jt4SDxqzy0Itu0e3MxmVhqo7wWfwa3Ufy_QhyFN5bqFhV5SbCQQ==&ch=FstmIDIBhymohPS8SYLpsoDICu2qB3aH7Qpzi5OQiiCEh5JoUkrkEQ==]

SAN FRANCISCO (November 20, 2013) - The largest gathering of Asian Pacific Americans
in the nation is back and bigger than ever, this year showcasing the Faces of Asia
Cultural Procession, a dazzling display of ethnic attire with over 200 participants!
All Procession participants will have the chance to win cash prizes for categories
including: Largest Contingent, Most Spirited Contingent, Best Musical Contingent,
and Most Colorful Contingent. The public is also encouraged to come to the festival
dressed in ethnic attire throughout the day. The Asian Heritage Street Celebration
will showcase the return of the Arts and Crafts World Market, an extravaganza of
 special and unique hand-made products and artworks and a scrumptious collection
 of pan Asian delights and sweets, along with the Bay Area's favorite food trucks.

Popular returning features for people of all ages include the cooking demos by celebrity
chefs, children's area, healthy living pavilion, free film screenings hosted by
Center for Asian American Media, along with performances by Asian American artists,
DJs, and martial arts experts. The fair will also offer free hepatitis B screenings.

The Arts and Crafts World Market will showcase the best and most creative Asian-themed
arts and crafts items. All vendors will be carefully juried and shoppers can expect
to find the highest level of hand-crafted goods.

The 10th annual Asian Heritage Street Celebration [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=0015BitD2yCcVf7u82hK7-_dAa9jTVOYq68Z3utWhrK3PDXcoRO4frh2K9tbz8gntM44fsO1nqO8H6KvwsudXlJPy32otjTq_GVKuo76VpGZ-vG1GLd4seiyzkgc1V2c3Yovzl66J8e59mQQmEEkbKzZ9bOA2TnjMDXCQTe047ZgsOnSBCuxNIaFcIfWqINPcFBUk6cNEc3rnJMbdE2N4tepyBY8Y6dcGETib_ekkPxNoDgI0skiAu_5jwA1lL3kCs3&c=oi5jt4SDxqzy0Itu0e3MxmVhqo7wWfwa3Ufy_QhyFN5bqFhV5SbCQQ==&ch=FstmIDIBhymohPS8SYLpsoDICu2qB3aH7Qpzi5OQiiCEh5JoUkrkEQ==]
will be held Saturday, May 17, 2014 in San Francisco, in front of the Asian Art
Museum, leading up to the Little Saigon District. The event is free and open to
the public. The festival is currently holding an open call for booths, performers
and sponsors. For details visit: www.asianfairsf.com [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=0015BitD2yCcVf7u82hK7-_dAa9jTVOYq68Z3utWhrK3PDXcoRO4frh2NA4YCyNsaQBbk8NZ6WbV4S4Q2GYiG6DFWrh3s8ywmmhx-wnSFE9GnFhFlflXuFuHHSckbFVYADrvXzb159tqMavszYQFoznVarlDI38HeyG2yWNg48QRC4=&c=oi5jt4SDxqzy0Itu0e3MxmVhqo7wWfwa3Ufy_QhyFN5bqFhV5SbCQQ==&ch=FstmIDIBhymohPS8SYLpsoDICu2qB3aH7Qpzi5OQiiCEh5JoUkrkEQ==].

What: Tenth Annual Asian Heritage Street Celebration
When: Saturday, May 17, 2014
11 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Where: Civic Center/Little Saigon District
Larkin and McAllister Streets
San Francisco, CA
Information: www.asianfairsf.com [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=0015BitD2yCcVf7u82hK7-_dAa9jTVOYq68Z3utWhrK3PDXcoRO4frh2NA4YCyNsaQBbk8NZ6WbV4S4Q2GYiG6DFWrh3s8ywmmhx-wnSFE9GnFhFlflXuFuHHSckbFVYADrvXzb159tqMavszYQFoznVarlDI38HeyG2yWNg48QRC4=&c=oi5jt4SDxqzy0Itu0e3MxmVhqo7wWfwa3Ufy_QhyFN5bqFhV5SbCQQ==&ch=FstmIDIBhymohPS8SYLpsoDICu2qB3aH7Qpzi5OQiiCEh5JoUkrkEQ==]
Follow us on Twitter [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=0015BitD2yCcVf7u82hK7-_dAa9jTVOYq68Z3utWhrK3PDXcoRO4frh2P9juIqwhRwccTQIYYbeiIN1e5d24Bl00R6axMVaYKhKcNsKuyHc5VeWlnKrGnne-jhaexUjbHkPkJCEyGgGh9cQEYaTyFbz9_MRT3fdNEm1I0uGedIen9zKqkkKMAE59Q==&c=oi5jt4SDxqzy0Itu0e3MxmVhqo7wWfwa3Ufy_QhyFN5bqFhV5SbCQQ==&ch=FstmIDIBhymohPS8SYLpsoDICu2qB3aH7Qpzi5OQiiCEh5JoUkrkEQ==]
 Like us on Facebook [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=0015BitD2yCcVf7u82hK7-_dAa9jTVOYq68Z3utWhrK3PDXcoRO4frh2P9juIqwhRwc5Xe7iG9XkY513jD7c9b5pFQipVllOZeIAE4Bg7_AXmND4TQhxUtRfud_0OOIiRVaZRmEKE6VM4PkoOJfSKZG7Po1Rzqw3sghqjq7vHD9LcRD6FRyeM1c8GWMJTOVzlO1o-2z58LLMu5IqXRz_7OE7F5JDBosHUMYVpiyOPHqCjNgO8M-Be6iv7uxDqSbpPAW&c=oi5jt4SDxqzy0Itu0e3MxmVhqo7wWfwa3Ufy_QhyFN5bqFhV5SbCQQ==&ch=FstmIDIBhymohPS8SYLpsoDICu2qB3aH7Qpzi5OQiiCEh5JoUkrkEQ==]
 View our videos on YouTube [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=0015BitD2yCcVf7u82hK7-_dAa9jTVOYq68Z3utWhrK3PDXcoRO4frh2HyE7JNZja8NJsSkbfLSXsIQ2IuBvKwHRGeYm5o--Gm0t0vB_d4RBFxe7XtWz7E132BlDna4vPhZ9yRoiLTlf2hHCfgK7xQoXcTgHg_S7OyBNKGmy3Oy14Pgg5jHxUQXOCZ27ixyY-Qf&c=oi5jt4SDxqzy0Itu0e3MxmVhqo7wWfwa3Ufy_QhyFN5bqFhV5SbCQQ==&ch=FstmIDIBhymohPS8SYLpsoDICu2qB3aH7Qpzi5OQiiCEh5JoUkrkEQ==]



Festival goers browse through the Arts and Crafts World Market.

The Asian Heritage Street Celebration (AHSC) is currently inviting arts & crafts,
food, community, health and natural medicine, and corporate partners to join us
as booth vendors. We will be offering free parking as well as early bird specials
for arts & crafts, food and drink, and commercial vendors who register by March
31st. If you are an Arts & Crafts vendor, be sure to ask about the Arts and Crafts
World Market!

To be a vendor at this family friendly event for people of all ages, download a
booth application at http://asianfairsf.com/fair-info/booth-registration/ [http://asianfairsf.com/fair-info/booth-registration/]
or contact: Carrolyn Kubota at ckubota_at_(domainremoved)
or 415-373-4003.


Celebrity chef Martin Yan wows the crowd with his noodle cooking demo! Photo by
Calvin Jeng.

Musicians, vocalists, dance groups, comedians, martial arts groups, and other entertainers
are encouraged to apply. To apply, email your contact information, brief biography/resume,
video and/or audio links, website/Facebook or other applicable online supplementary
 material to:

Christine Padilla at AHSC.Artists_at_(domainremoved)

Email subject line: Artists Submission/AHSC 2014 - Artist Name


Friday, Feb. 28, 2014

http://asianfairsf.com/performances/artist-signups/ [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=0015BitD2yCcVf7u82hK7-_dAa9jTVOYq68Z3utWhrK3PDXcoRO4frh2GVAaKIT7wksZOBz4m-Re4O98K5l9AvWgKO7DJD4Va6Urv88CEcJeGsaL_-WpM4XcIler3ngfCJV6-GdNB1kSPQ7ZSXeMn8NkpfH-nkzG7CMpntf8PWIN0BkbVt_N8Q-u7cG6XljJ-iUJEWkY-NxpUPGRUug_R0FHQ==&c=oi5jt4SDxqzy0Itu0e3MxmVhqo7wWfwa3Ufy_QhyFN5bqFhV5SbCQQ==&ch=FstmIDIBhymohPS8SYLpsoDICu2qB3aH7Qpzi5OQiiCEh5JoUkrkEQ==]


Rising star Wanting Qu performs at the 9th Annual AHSC in front of thousands.

Support the largest pan Asian celebration nationwide utilizing print, online, and
experiential media. Sponsorships are tailored to your needs ensuring you will have
the most impact and return on your investment. For details and to request a sponsorship
brochure contact: Thanh Huynh at thuynh_at_(domainremoved)
or (415) 373-4006.


Korean heritage represented during the Faces of Asia Cultural Procession.

Dress in ethnic attire for the "Faces of Asia" cultural procession, which kicks
off the Street Celebration at 11 a.m. All ages and ethnicities wanted! After last
year's successful procession, we will once again have cash prizes for participants!
Award categories include: Largest Contingent, Best Musical Contingent, Most Spirited
Contingent and Most Colorful Contingent. To participate, email Hang Le To at hangleto999_at_(domainremoved)
put "AHSC Faces of Asia".


AHSC Make Some Money For Your School Raffle participant, Spring Valley Elementary
School holds up their donation check.

The Asian Heritage Street Celebration (AHSC) invites local schools to participate
in our "Make Some Money for Your School" Raffle Program, sponsored by Sterling Bank
& Trust and organized by the AsianWeek Foundation! This year SFUSD and Catholic
schools raised over $12,000! This is a FREE program to participate in and is organized
annually by the AsianWeek Foundation with the goal of helping local schools fund
 raise. Prizes include $500, restaurant certificates, sports memorabilia, and more!
Tickets are sold for $3 and at least $2 goes directly back to each school. The top
selling school private school and top selling public schools in each division: elementary,
middle, and high school, will be awarded an additional $500 cash prize, and each
 school that sells at least 20 raffle tickets will receive a $100 bonus. There will
be multiple prize drawings throughout the 10th Annual Asian Heritage Street Celebration
on Saturday, May 17 at Civic Center. Winners need not be present to win. To sign
 up your school for this great fund raising opportunity visit: Join the AHSC 2014
Raffle [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=0015BitD2yCcVf7u82hK7-_dAa9jTVOYq68Z3utWhrK3PDXcoRO4frh2NZjORgGPK76ISCckmzJEr1xT9_ubIYuIKC6zyKCMT_k0imj3avGSmFuuV23dq44CGuVRxiPSiAp3regfWZp7PcmYNAeLA4foN7YA3YEJW-iEUsuV6kPJ2k4AwA6yapdosPXrYiWXSwoX00XykgSUi4I61X9HSInq8awYAtcuK-0dJqcvr6O8EdN1NOuKt2X85D0MdKU2K1oRhoHqTAeEYM2VkBabPJ0iiAVu9Zbg9bE&c=oi5jt4SDxqzy0Itu0e3MxmVhqo7wWfwa3Ufy_QhyFN5bqFhV5SbCQQ==&ch=FstmIDIBhymohPS8SYLpsoDICu2qB3aH7Qpzi5OQiiCEh5JoUkrkEQ==].

For more info contact: Angela Pang at apang_at_(domainremoved)
or (415) 373-4002.


The "Make Some Money For Your School" Raffle Program [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=0015BitD2yCcVf7u82hK7-_dAa9jTVOYq68Z3utWhrK3PDXcoRO4frh2MdnY90lpEzNMY32mqC0PjcaB7T_nCH9QFLJpMbcWpfUTGMD5cPv1b_RVhrC_qFa8CrBZT6wpqCW6-2aeaH7RzEQaQOVbUtYQGivXa9JxR83uaHa8Nw8bVg7T3aRptMF7w==&c=oi5jt4SDxqzy0Itu0e3MxmVhqo7wWfwa3Ufy_QhyFN5bqFhV5SbCQQ==&ch=FstmIDIBhymohPS8SYLpsoDICu2qB3aH7Qpzi5OQiiCEh5JoUkrkEQ==],
managed by the AsianWeek Foundation, is a no-cost fundraiser for schools. Students
sell raffle tickets for a chance to win donated prizes, and ALL proceeds go straight
to participating schools. Consider donating an item, gift certificate, cash, product
or service, and give your company exposure to an estimated 100,000 festival attendees.
For more information contact: Angela Pang at apang_at_(domainremoved)
or (415) 373-4002.


There are over 100 volunteer positions: event monitors, information booth, stagehands,
barricade monitors, t-shirt sales, general set up and tear down, and more. Commemorative
t-shirts, snacks, and refreshments provided. Sign up online today: Volunteer at
the AHSC! [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=0015BitD2yCcVf7u82hK7-_dAa9jTVOYq68Z3utWhrK3PDXcoRO4frh2NBYiv3-3JNHLvdeF1xMipsmElw-z3YAJu9RSKvPFjBJbBb5CPhIPm7HyxJ_WOL951FGyHcsE97stJEk5jaOUjfm5c4RO-eqts1z4LYqOA3ynDGCud3K1QBVmtRG0mVBuuDcsKr349KYXMYtbmGzZxg=&c=oi5jt4SDxqzy0Itu0e3MxmVhqo7wWfwa3Ufy_QhyFN5bqFhV5SbCQQ==&ch=FstmIDIBhymohPS8SYLpsoDICu2qB3aH7Qpzi5OQiiCEh5JoUkrkEQ==]


About the Asian Heritage Street Celebration

The Asian Heritage Street Celebration is a showcase of all Asian and Pacific Islander
cultures. We promote Asian Pacific American identity by bringing together community,
and encouraging the sharing of differences and appreciation of diversity. AHSC is
the largest gathering of Asians in the country and is held every third Saturday
of May in San Francisco, California. It is produced by the AsianWeek Foundation.
 AsianFairSF.com [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=0015BitD2yCcVf7u82hK7-_dAa9jTVOYq68Z3utWhrK3PDXcoRO4frh2GVAaKIT7wksD_c2TaIdXvQn8s9PLDFLHI0Hwe9uW7e9drbv46xnMSICkRueyIKlBZ9KXGp3M2FKlzV_bGu9lXV4lncCqMRqyHefn7GQBs0sGTZZTGDtaNQ=&c=oi5jt4SDxqzy0Itu0e3MxmVhqo7wWfwa3Ufy_QhyFN5bqFhV5SbCQQ==&ch=FstmIDIBhymohPS8SYLpsoDICu2qB3aH7Qpzi5OQiiCEh5JoUkrkEQ==]

About the AsianWeek Foundation

AsianWeek Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote and
 develop Asian Pacific American identity, community and diversity. AWF encourages
 the sharing of differences and appreciation of diversity, working to strengthen
relations between all Asian and Pacific Islander cultures, newer and older generations
of Asian Pacific Americans, and Asians and non-Asians. AsianWeekFoundation.org

To receive updates about the Asian Heritage Street Celebration:

Join Our Mailing List [http://visitor.r20.constantcontact.com/email.jsp?m=1101407022588]


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