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New development

From: domainremoved <Sharyn>
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2013 22:12:56 -0800

On behalf of the Save Menlo Park—


Please consider the following:

1. Office space not to exceed 25% of a building's floor area. Rationale: Office is one of the uses that generates the most traffic.

2. Maximum building height should be limited to 48 feet. Rationale: 60 feet buildings (4 or 5 stories as Stanford is proposing) would be taller than any other buildings on El Camino.

3. Include a Development Impact Infrastructure fee for all new developments. Rationale: Defray the costs of infrastructure needed to realize the vision of a safe, pedestrian and bike-friendly, vibrant town center.


As a Menlo Park resident of 44 years I would like to register my support for the above plan. The plan that is currently being considered is not in keeping with the flavor and spirit of Menlo Park. We do not need additional traffic gridlock.


Sharyn Crosat 490 Claremont Way, Menlo Park





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