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Downtown development

From: domainremoved <Bruce>
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2013 19:29:18 -0800

Dear City Council,

Today’s Palo Alto Post contains an article about a small vocal group
complaining about the proposed development of the empty properties on El
Camino Real. Their negative views do not represent those of many (I think
most) Menlo Park residents. The complainers would like the downtown to
remain a ‘village’ whatever that means. My husband and I feel that the
proposal for the Cadillac dealership/Derry area is very attractive with
quite a bit of open space. With the buffers of the train tracks and El
Camino Real, this property is not in anybody’s backyard so the development
could even be five stories high instead of just four. It is important that
new development not hang over El Camino, but this appears to have a
respectable setback. A setback like Café Barrone’s as suggested in the
article is not economically feasible. If the complainers want El Camino Real
to include another hotel, they should gather investors and develop one.


I hope the Council will use common sense to achieve an attractive
development that removes the current weeds and blight. Ignore this minority
of complainers. We have endured the empty car lots for way too long.


Best regards,

Anita Ochieano

1795 Stanford Avenue
Received on Mon Nov 18 2013 - 19:28:42 PST

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