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Attention Ray Mueller

From: domainremoved <D>
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2013 21:10:06 -0800

Hello Ray,
Thank you for taking my call today and getting back to me so quickly. As
we discussed please find a detailed email below which was sent to Karen
Mihalek by my wife Erika Boda - regarding our daughter Josephina " Fini"

It is really unfortunate what Michelle has done and she really owes my wife
an apology and should be terminated - In my opinion. It is just a complete
lack of judgement for a payed city employee.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

David S. Maigret

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <eboda415_at_(domainremoved)
Date: Wed, Jan 30, 2013 at 8:08 PM
Subject: 3 year old gymnastics
To: kamihalek_at_(domainremoved)
Cc: dmaigret_at_(domainremoved)

Hi Karen, ****
I received your message, thank you! Please find below my documentation
about the incident that took place between Teacher/Trainer Michelle and
myself. ****
Please think about it and ask yourself how would you have felt as a paying
parent after this if you were me.****

 We arrived a little late to class….(apr. 10 minutes)****

 *Teacher Michelle.: Confronting me while class is in session walking up to
me saying: “You know that this is the last class you can be with her here.”*
*Me: “I don’t understand, there are no more classes?”*
*TM continuing: “Next time you have to sit outside, and if she is not
staying without you, you have to go with her back to the parent child
participation class…”*
*Me: “Can I stay at the wall and watch her from there, last time I didn’t
stay close by either and she did great… and Fini (our daughter) was sick
last week so I feel she needs a little bit of my spirit. Or do you want to
throw us out? Fini was doing great last time as well…“*
*TM: Dismissing me “You don’t understand me. It is not my order it is the
policy wait a minute…” (she runs to the front desk leaving the class with
her assistant) I wait and shortly after I decided to walk after her. I see
her She says: “Karen is not here now.”*
*Me: “I don’t understand Fini (our daughter) was sick last time and we have
been here only twice and this is our third class besides couldn’t you just
wait to tell me all about this after class? I find this very unprofessional
that you are having a conversation with me about all this right now .”*
*TM: While turning back to the group she says: “I am done with you. You
need to talk to the front desk.”*
*Me: “Wait a minute I did not start this, you were the one who started this
conversation in the middle of class.”*
Then I just simply decided to take our 3 year old daughter, told TM that I
will file a complaint and left. We went to the front desk, filed a
complaint, asked for reimbursement and left.****

 Further, you describe in your program text that “this class teaches much
of the behaviors learned in preschool programs!” Does it really?****

 In preschool programs the focus is on social, emotional, physical and
cognitive development. In preschool programs it will be very strongly
considered, that every child is different and they don’t start out with the
same “behavior”. It is not appropriate to even use the word “behaviors”
when referring to this age group in your description noted above.
Generally people refer to” behavior” as good or bad and not different.
Every child is different! In preschool programs children are given time
for separation and they are being helped to be independent. Further, in
preschool programs it is not defined how many times can a parent stay with
a child, but in preschool programs teachers collaborate with parents in
order to master separation together with the parents. To only mention some
of the “behaviors learned in preschool programs” is not only misleading but
confusing. What does that mean? Now, I am not doubting that this is a
gymnastics gross motor class and not a preschool. However, then you need to
be more specific about your expectations regarding separation, having fun
and being competitive. By the way at 3 years of age anything is possible,
children can make huge milestones in their development ahead, and again
they can then move backwards even three times as much. So I think you
should consider all this facts before you are trying to achieve a highly
competitive environment for this age group. I find this fundamentally
wrong! ****

 I am writing this, because you are describing your program that children
will learn behaviors just like in preschools…****

 Being an active Early Childhood Educator for several years in the United
States and working for some of the best programs/practices during these
years and holding a Master degree in Education from Europe I don’t think
that this class and specially this teacher understands what is it about to
educate/teach children at this age group about “behaviors learned in
preschool programs”. I am not doubting her skill set in gymnastics however,
I doubt her skills for 3 year olds. Not mentioning the extreme
unprofessionalism that this teacher exhibited in her interaction and action
with me a paying parent.****

 I am deeply sorry for my daughter that I had to take her out from this
program since she loves all gross motor activities and the different tools
and stations at the gym. However, I don’t find that your program promotes
her gross motor skills/physical development in an emotionally healthy and
fun way.

Erika Boda (Josephina (Fini) Maigret's Mother)****
Received on Fri Mar 01 2013 - 15:14:46 PST

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