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Stanford/Arrillaga Project

From: domainremoved <Elisabetta>
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2013 16:21:47 -0800

Dear Members of the Planning Commission and City Council,

I am writing to express my concern regarding the Stanford/Arrillaga project
on on El Camino Real.

I have been a resident on Kenwood Drive for over ten years and I love our
neighborhood. I understand that the lot on El Camino Real has been vacant
for a long time and that something needs to be done, but I urge you to
consider the impact that such project would have on the quality of life for
all of us who live in that neighborhood.

We all thought that a housing project was going to be proposed, but
instead, we were presented with a plan of six massive buildings including
so many medical offices and general offices. We are very concerned about
this. Traffic is already very bad as it is on El Camino at rush hours, with
all these additional medical offices, the situations will turn into a real
nightmare. Residents like us will be forced to take alternate routes to get
to work or to school. Our daughter rides her bike to Menlo Atherton High
School, and crossing El Camino will be increasingly dangerous for her and
all the other children who live in our neighborhood.

We kindly ask you to address all these concerns and really think what's
best for Menlo Park. We chose to live here for the high standard of quality
of life and safety for our child. I am not sure this project is going to
improve any of these aspects in our city.

Thank you.

Elisabetta Gaiani
Uwe Bergmann
610 Kenwood Drive
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Received on Mon Jan 28 2013 - 16:22:25 PST

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