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Specific Plan/Stanford - No Car Tunnel at Willow or Elsewhere in Linfield Oaks

From: domainremoved <Nancy>
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2013 13:12:27 -0800

Dear Planning Commission and City Council Members,

I would like to voice my concern that the expected traffic impacts on El
Camino and surrounding residential neighborhoods as a result of the
proposed Stanford buildings on El Camino will yield a proposal to create a
car tunnel from El Camino under the railroad tracks to the Linfield Oaks
neighborhood, with the intention of siphoning traffic off El Camino and
"solving" the traffic problem by pushing it into nearby residential
neighborhoods. This was never a part of the Specific Plan. Please be
assured that as a Linfield Oaks resident I vehemently oppose any proposal
that would shift traffic into our neighborhood via a tunnel or any other
device, whether from El Camino, Alma or any other street. I know residents
of neighborhoods on the other side of El Camino would also be impacted by
the significant level of traffic generated by the proposal, and feel
equally strongly about not increasing cut-through traffic through their
neighborhoods as well.

I believe that any building proposal should only be approved insofar as
the traffic it generates can be adequately handled by the main arteries
that were developed to handle commercial and pass through traffic. This
development should not be allowed to create new thoroughfares or
connections (eg. a tunnel) through residential neighborhoods to shunt
traffic off the main arteries, in an attempt to make the traffic levels
that the development generates more "acceptable". The shifting of traffic
"out of sight" into residential neighborhoods is like a shell game, which
the residents lose. If this development generates more traffic than the
main arteries which lead to it ( El Camino, etc.) can handle, then the
development needs to change its proposed specifications and uses to
accommodate both the existing and additional traffic it generates,
relative to the main thoroughfares used to reach the development.

Lastly, I am concerned about the effect of a wall of tall buildings and
glass on the amplification of sound generated by trains along the railroad
tracks into nearby residential neighborhoods and on nearby public outdoor
spaces ( e.g. Burgess Park), including those outdoor spaces proposed in
the development. This aspect deserves further study and assessment, and
possible redress might include alternate building materials, building
heights and development configurations to minimize the acoustic impacts.

Thank you for your consideration of my points above.
Nancy Hosay
325 Linfield Place
Menlo Park
Received on Mon Jan 28 2013 - 13:13:00 PST

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