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Menlo Park News Releases Update

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Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2013 14:08:04 -0600

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*City of Menlo Park


For Immediate Release

For More Information:

Gina Donnelly, Human Resources Director



MENLO PARK, CA – Alex McIntyre, City Manager of Menlo Park responded today to recent press inquiries regarding personnel matters.

Mr. McIntyre said "clearly this situation has the potential to undermine the long-term positive association that our community has enjoyed with the City and our Police Department. The members of the Menlo Park Police Department are of the highest professional caliber and have my utmost confidence and I know our community shares in this confidence and appreciation for their dedication to keeping our City safe."

The City strives to be responsive and prompt to all inquiries for information that is readily available to the public. However, the City is prohibited from providing information regarding personnel matters related to peace officers pursuant to CA Penal Code Sections 832.5 and 832.7.

The Penal Code sections referenced above can be viewed at:




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