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Council ban of plastic bags at supermarkets

From: Susan Hart <susanhart2_at_domain_name_was_removed>
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2013 17:57:49 -0800

Dear City Counci members:
 I want to offer my strong objection to the Menlo Park City Council presuming freedom of choice for Menlo Park citizens and banning plastic bags at supermarkets tonight. We already have enough top-down, central planning coming from the central government and the states.
Not only is this authority given by the constitution, it has never been voted on by the residents of Menlo Park. It is an egregious conceit to think that you, as a body, know more than we do as individuals. The United States was established to protect individual rights more than group rights. In this particular case, there is no need for a government body to protect individual rights. And it is even more outrageous to think you can "save the earth" from plastic bags instead of letting individuals solve the problem, or letting the garbagemen pick them up later. 

Susan Hart
O'Keefe St.
Menlo Park, CA
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