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News from InnVision The Way Home

From: Christine Burroughs <cburroughs_at_(domain_name_was_removed)>
Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2011 11:48:17 -0500

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Our Mission:

InnVision is a primary gateway for homeless families and individuals seeking shelter and resources that lead to self-sufficiency. Our comprehensive system of care promotes self-worth and dignity at multiple facilities throughout Silicon Valley, including shelters, longer-term housing options and service centers, each equipped to meet  emergency and transitional needs of diverse, at-risk people.

InnVision is...the Way Home!

InnVision...The Way Home [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=6kpz6mcab&et=1108967568406&s=12017&e=001eBvbBUCFotQwRzSCwjcEGQjD_4d0Ct1yOkui6RGr_EKHmQffMGFUhX4oGZwgBkQmJ1wzBJQCfV6Cx4jg0h3xXxDG9HyKSOECG8NQJYvsg35NksUaL0kxkA==]

Year-End 2011

It's your last chance to help InnVision reach our holiday fundraising goal of $600,000!

2011 has been a difficult year for many people and families in our Valley, and I  am proud of the work that InnVision the Way Home has done to alleviate the burdens of thousands of the least fortunate among us. I am feeling more positive about the future than I have in a while, mainly because I continue to see the outpouring of support from people like you.
I want to thank you for your generosity this year. Just since November, you have  helped contribute nearly
half a million dollars in individual donations. This generosity will help fund programs all year long for homeless families and individuals who may rely on InnVision services for months at a time.
Last week, I met a mother, Andrea, shopping for Christmas presents for her two children at the Holiday Toy and Teen Shoppe at the Georgia Travis Center. She told me that since losing her job in August, she has struggled to make the rent each month, and she knew she wouldn't be able to afford any gifts at all for her two daughters this Christmas. When a neighbor told her about InnVision, she immediately called to sign up to receive gifts through the Holiday Toy and Teen Shoppe. With joy on her face, Andrea explained to me how grateful she was that her children wouldn't be disappointed this Christmas after all.

Meeting clients like Andrea reminds me why we work so hard for the InnVision mission, and I hope you can support us. To make a last minute gift to InnVision before the end of the tax year, donations can be made online at www.InnVision.org [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=6kpz6mcab&et=1108967568406&s=12017&e=001eBvbBUCFotSWuNLWD5LH8JBAKyib-iiCeyOqYl-NWTS3VhOO4_D8UgsYepBWhUPg5_wveXPS_vq1RlEysxIdBFVBVxwpja-DHPHo7lkceWY4CYIMc1krGA==] or checks can be mailed to:

South Bay: 1900 The Alameda, San Jose, CA 95126

Mid-Peninsula: P.O. Box 702, Palo Alto, CA 94302

Whether you have donated to, volunteered with, or advocated for InnVision this year, I thank you. InnVision would not have grown to be the largest provider in Silicon Valley if it were not for the ardent support of our community.

I look forward to the coming year and hope that you will continue to walk with our clients on their journey to find...the way home!

Warm regards,

Christine Burroughs/CEO

CBurroughs_at_InnVision.org [mailto:CBurroughs_at_InnVision.org]

Happy Holidays from InnVision staff at 25 sites! We are proud of the work we do and thankful that we have so many wonderful community members to support us.
Thank you for a successful 2011!

Teaming up with the San Francisco 49ers

Vernon Davis chats with InnVision clients

The San Francisco 49ers have been super InnVision supporters this fall!

InnVision volunteer Chad Bojorquez recently won the Community Quarterback Award for his volunteer efforts at the Georgia Travis Center. Only six volunteers from  the entire Bay Area were given this award, and to top it off, the 49ers Foundation donated $1,000 to InnVision in Chad's name. Chad volunteered at InnVision for over a year and has won numerous awards for his outstanding service.

Chad was honored at the 49ers game on October 30, the same day the 49ers and their fans held a coat drive for InnVision. InnVision volunteers and staff stood at the stadium entrances with barrels as 49ers fans brought new and gently used warm winter coats for our clients. Additionally, the fans really came through by reaching into their pockets and donating nearly $2,000 in cash that day!

Ricky Jean Francois and Delanie Walker take their groups straight to the electronics section

Then in December, five 49ers players, including Vernon Davis, Delanie Walker, Braylon Edwards, Ricky Jean Francois, and Mike Iupati took twenty InnVision youth shopping for holiday gifts. Each middle schooler received $300 to spend on gifts for their mothers, fathers, and siblings - something these children rarely have done before. Each 49er got to know four youth and helped them pick out the best presents for their families, including toys, games, bath robes, ties, and of course, 49er gear. At the end of the day, the shoppers got to pick out a gift for themselves, and one generous player even bought iPods for his group! The youth chosen for this very special honor live with their families at Sunset Square, permanent supportive housing units operated by InnVision.

Thank you to the San Francisco 49ers and their amazing fans for their support of  InnVision!

Art and Inspiration for InnVision Villa Clients

Erik Chappins leads an art class at InnVision Villa

Erik Chappins, volunteer art group facilitator, is brimming over with stories about how the Drawbridge Art Program at InnVision Villa has transformed kids' lives, and impacted his life in the process. The mission of Drawbridge is to provide art programs for homeless and other vulnerable children in an environment that fosters their sense of joy, creativity and exuberance. Through Drawbridge, Erik strives to give children a safe space in which to "take off their masks." Homeless children have often experienced numerous traumas in their lives, including witnessing domestic  violence, being separated from parents, and losing their homes.

The Drawbridge art program provides opportunities for InnVision children-who often are too young to have the vocabulary to talk about their experiences-to express complex emotions. Erik shared a story about a nine year old boy named Deshawn who had been picked on all his life by peers, older siblings, and even adults in his  family. Over time, Deshawn had learned to defend himself physically, often by punching. One night at art group, Deshawn agreed to follow Erik's suggestion and write a story about how he would like to respond when he felt bullied. By using  his imagination, Deshawn was able to relieve his anger and pain without physical retaliation, thereby keeping himself out of trouble. What a valuable life skill!

Erik shared a second story about Zoe, a young girl whose family moved to InnVision Villa after her father was imprisoned for spousal abuse. As a defense mechanism, Zoe had strived to be invisible during the period of abuse, and as a result was still so timid that she rarely spoke above a whisper. One night in art group the kids were cutting shapes from magazines. Since all the other scissors were in use, Erik gave Zoe a pair of pinking shears. After cutting out a wiggly-edged triangle, Zoe gleefully exclaimed in a clear voice "it is a CRAZY triangle!" Crazy triangles have become a metaphor for Erik now of how the Drawbridge art program can bring overwhelming joy to kids through mundane things.

Erik has facilitated close to 150 creative expression sessions in his 4 years of  volunteering at InnVision Villa. He keeps coming back because regularly witnessing the resilience of kids helps him keep his personal gripes and challenges in perspective.  The transient nature of the families he works with also helps remind him to appreciate each day and to be unceasingly generous and forgiving, because he never knows which night will be the last night he gets to spend with a particular child. Erik is trying to live out the expression, "Be the change you want to see in the world."

InnVision is grateful to Erik for his long-standing dedication to the children of the Villa, but Erik also wanted to express his gratitude to InnVision for inviting Drawbridge into our facility and supporting the Drawbridge mission. In November  2011, InnVision nominated Erik for the Junior League of San Jose Volunteer Recognition Luncheon Award.

Something Sweet for Thanksgiving

Each year, InnVision relies on strong partnerships with local individuals and community groups to make the holidays special. Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School is one of those amazing organizations.

Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School (Hausner) is a Kindergarten through 8th grade fully-accredited independent school in Palo Alto. Now in its 22nd year, Hausner has 372 students.   A variety of languages and countries are represented at the school including Mexico, Costa Rica, Poland, Russia, Israel, and Venezuela. Hausner's mission is to promote academic excellence, community responsibility and vibrant Jewish living.

Every year Hausner holds two Community Service Days, where every student is involved in a hands-on project that benefits people in need in the community. The day is capped by the students' writing their reflections on the day. As part of the school's commitment to community service, Hausner has partnered with InnVision for many years. Every Thanksgiving, the Hausner community donates home-made pies to InnVision to  adorn the Thanksgiving tables of folks receiving help from InnVision. This year, Hausner donated 98 pies - enough to fill the bellies of hundreds of homeless and  at-risk children and adults.

A huge thank you to Hausner for their ongoing support!

Have you made a contribution to InnVision this year?

Many companies offer matching gifts as one of their employee benefits. It's an easy and quick way to double the impact of your donation to InnVision. Make sure you submit a matching request for any gits you have made in the past year!

If you have questions about how to initiate this through your employer, contact your Human Resources or Benefits staff. You may also contact Julia Gregory [mailto:JGregory_at_InnVision.org?] at InnVision for assistance.

Sobrato Family Foundation [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=6kpz6mcab&et=1108967568406&s=12017&e=001eBvbBUCFotRyGCw-O6RomioAHe15Z_TRHiF-Y5_NnhJjpPUjORucQqxeN5jWsA6U1fZ4wlCGgXpgWHzw14_JNhfiClB0LVrvvekwRal8z_OvhxZqa6o2sA==]Your Donation Can Go Further

Thanks to a challenge grant from the

Sobrato Family Foundation [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=6kpz6mcab&et=1108967568406&s=12017&e=001eBvbBUCFotRyGCw-O6RomioAHe15Z_TRHiF-Y5_NnhJjpPUjORucQqxeN5jWsA6U1fZ4wlCGgXpgWHzw14_JNhfiClB0LVrvvekwRal8z_OvhxZqa6o2sA==],

your gift can go further than ever.

The foundation will match donations from any new or lapsed donor. So, if you have never given to InnVision or have not given since July 1, 2010, they will match your generosity dollar-for-dollar. In addition, if you increase your giving for the period July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012, the Sobrato Family Foundation will match half. How about that for an easy way to have an impact?

If you are not able to give now, please think about telling your friends how they can help the community by giving to InnVision the Way Home.

Donate now. [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=6kpz6mcab&et=1108967568406&s=12017&e=001eBvbBUCFotRHnG4Y0nVXP8BDnHX2kYmZLTrqABL7bM-LvhPd7Wsv-CAplnY2O4m9k-ZRhhGhOlR-C4r6Zqi8yXTdKKzrODlpW-l2MVEhgBxQJ0pT30f8WFQwRhNL8sICZrwYlmqxU-U=]

In This Issue

Happy Holidays!
San Francisco 49ers
Drawbridge Art Program
Pies for Thanksgiving
Matching Gifts
Sobrato Family Foundation

InnVision Holiday Appeal Progress

With your help, we can meet our holiday goal! Please donate [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=6kpz6mcab&et=1108967568406&s=12017&e=001eBvbBUCFotRHnG4Y0nVXP8BDnHX2kYmZLTrqABL7bM-LvhPd7Wsv-CAplnY2O4m9k-ZRhhGhOlR-C4r6Zqi8yXTdKKzrODlpW-l2MVEhgBxQJ0pT30f8WFQwRhNL8sICZrwYlmqxU-U=] today and help us create a magical holiday season for those most in need.

You have raised over $2,800!

InnVision supporters have been using their S.H.A.R.E.S. cards at an increasing rate.  You have now raised more than $2,800

to help feed homeless and at-risk families in Silicon Valley.

If you shop at

Lucky Supermarkets, Save Mart, FoodMaxx or S-Mart, you can help feed the hungry at no cost to you. When you use a S.H.A.R.E.S. card, 3% of each purchase will go  to InnVision.

Request a card

here [mailto:JGregory_at_InnVision.org?].

Read on for more details. [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=6kpz6mcab&et=1108967568406&s=12017&e=001eBvbBUCFotReQN4wOK1k2XvPHMX0GzgO86m7J5i6hms5njkiKOig7C_p5iMj6Um6t-eQOdJfwJpX9-vstOOtTm_krluMwIYqmhIrVjM3dqyoSlXIHAhKhi4UnxZ_-JIB6nqqyb2dYPQ=]

Travel as a Fundraiser
Your travel can make a difference! [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=6kpz6mcab&et=1108967568406&s=12017&e=001eBvbBUCFotTp7QpLYE74568ygEzrGSIOASu-76aL-2M2tBROFcZlK4nEQyPAKsiI2GGmteTyTjqGqwfelS5oMALN6I6dXGjyE_A-AVlN9VM8xSd8v0Zl_Jg9sORw_k_6BGxCeiX5S32qD6NjnYpVVg==]

Wildland Adventures specializes in authentic Adventure Travel and Ecotourism worldwide.

Or you can also choose from many other vacation packages.

Your travel can make a difference! Book your hotel or vacation and we will receive a donation.
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Have you remembered InnVision in your will? If you have included InnVision in your estate planning, please contact us so we can make sure we honor your wishes.

Christine Burroughs [mailto:cburroughs_at_innvision.org?], CEO, 408-292-4286.

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