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Willows Area-Wide Traffic Study - Background infomation

From: eric doyle <e_doyle_at_(domain_name_was_removed)>
Date: Fri, 27 May 2011 14:57:05 -0700

Mayor Cline and Members of the City Council:

In the Staff presentations I’ve seen on Willows traffic issues, they invariably minimize our troubled history with statements such as "in the '90s traffic calming features were installed ... some were removed due to concerns of residents." I see the present “study” blundering down the same path as in the ‘90s and I ask you to consider the struggle the Willows had to endure at that time.

The conflict, which lasted three years, made the Palo Alto Weekly's list of top ten stories of 1994. The attached collage of Willows headlines illustrates the intensity and duration of the Willows neighborhood conflict. During that time 1.) a maze of thirty eight street obstacles was approved by the City Council in 1993 2.) fourteen obstacles were installed in the first of two phases 3.) a petition signed by over 1000 residents declared that the street obstacles had “decreased the quality of life in the Willows 4.) repeated surveys and meetings held by the city failed to show support 5.) mediation was thwarted by the committee appointed by the City Council to oversee the project 6.) finally a voting scheme was designed to maximize apparent support for the obstacles 7.) twelve obstacles were removed by votes of the residents, leaving only two obstacles in place in early 1996. The second phase was cancelled. The Willows Traffic History attachment shows graphically the evolution of the ‘90s fiasco on the street and the proliferation of traffic calming in the Willows since.

The same group of Willows residents is driving this issue today as in the '90s, capitalizing on the same social problems (related to East Palo Alto) to generate support, employing the same tactics to gain the backing of the City and demanding the same solutions as they did in 1992. Their ultimate goal is separation from East Palo Alto. I don’t think they will stop until that happens. Look at page 5 of the history file – and still they’re not satisfied !

You have responded to a small minority of residents. Please consider the rest of us. Massive disruption of traditional traffic patterns and diversion of traffic were rejected by Willows residents in 1995. There's no reason to expect a different outcome this time.

Please stop this “study” before more we waste more city funds on another era of divisive Willows conflict.

Eric Doyle
Laurel Avenue

Received on Fri May 27 2011 - 14:58:29 PDT

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