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Mayor Cline: Are delineators appropriate for marking bike lanes?

From: Bike Safety Advocate <bike.safety.advocate_at_(domain_name_was_removed)>
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2010 08:12:24 -0800

Mayor Cline,

Are delineators appropriate for marking bike lanes?

As I understand the policy of the City Council with respect to delineators marking bike lanes: they are not currently used for that purpose, they are not currently authorized for such use, they are not prohibited or banned, if an employee uses them for that purpose he or she will not be disciplined or sanctioned, and if used for this purpose the City Council will condone the use as appropriate. Is this the City Council policy?

Is it true that at the time of Deborah Kay Johnson's accident, delineators were not authorized for marking bike lanes? How is the same policy that was in effect then supposed to protect bicyclists today? Since "not authorized" implies that the City maintains a written list of authorized uses for each traffic control device to guide employees, does such a written list exist for delineators?

Why did former councilman Boyle personally advise against holding a hearing to ban delineators from marking bike lanes for the reason that such a hearing could create "complications"? What "complications" was he referring to?

Why did the City Council not inform the public of the wrongful death lawsuit for Deborah Kay Johnson, of the allegations of the complaint and of the lawsuit settlement?

Why did the City Council not inform the public that in the wrongful death lawsuit for Deborah Kay Johnson that the City took the position along with the contractor that delineators were appropriate to mark bike lanes?

Do you and your fellow City Council members acknowledge that delineators are dangerous for bicyclists, that delineators when used to mark a bike lane are extremely dangerous for bicyclists exposing them to the risk of serious or fatal injury, and that a bicyclist collision with a delineator or parts thereof is reasonably foreseeable at any time when delineators are used to mark bike lanes?

Do you agree that the City Code gives the City Council the express authority to regulate all traffic control devices to include delineators to ensure the public safety within Menlo Park, and do you agree that the City Council has the public safety duty to clearly and unambiguously indicate to its employees whether or not the use of delineators to mark bike lanes is appropriate?

For the sake of your full disclosure, can you explain to the public why delineators are not specifically banned at the State and Federal level?

In the interest of bicyclist safety, I repeat my request for a hearing to ban delineators and request a prompt response to my questions.

Thank you.

Bike Safety Advocate Received on Tue Dec 28 2010 - 08:12:43 PST

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