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RE: 19th Request for a Hearing to Ban Delineators from Marking Bike Lanes

From: Cline, Richard A <RACline_at_(domain_name_was_removed)>
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2010 07:57:26 -0800

Dear Bike Safety Advocate  

As you may be aware, I am currently the Mayor of the City of Menlo Park. This email is in further response to your various emails requesting that the City Council hold a hearing on banning the use of delineators/cones to mark bike lanes in construction zones. You have previously received several responses to your request(s) from Chip Taylor advising you that the City is committed to providing safe bike lanes and improved bicycle flow throughout the City. You have also been advised that while the delineators/cones that you referred to are not specifically banned in the State and Federal guidelines and requirements used by the City, the City Public Works Department has made a policy decision not to use or authorize the use of the types of delineators/cones that you described to mark bike lanes during construction. The Public Works Department will continue to evaluate the best approach to handle all modes of traffic through construction zones using the latest requirements and guidelines and input received regarding safety concerns. The City Council does not hold hearings on specific traffic safety and/or traffic control devices, nor should it do so as the Council does not have expertise in that area. The City Council delegates such authority and responsibility to the City Manager who relies upon the expertise of Director of Public Works Department and others in that Department. While I understand your passion and respect your reasoning for requesting that the City Council hold a hearing on this topic, please understand that the City Council will not be holding a public hearing on this matter.  


Rich Cline, Mayor

From: Bike Safety Advocate [bike.safety.advocate_at_gmail.com] Sent: Thursday, December 16, 2010 7:34 AM To: _CCIN
Subject: 19th Request for a Hearing to Ban Delineators from Marking Bike Lanes

Menlo Park City Council,

This is my 19th request for the City Council to hold a hearing to ban delineators from marking bike lanes.

My original request for a hearing is attached to this email.

Bike Safety Advocate Received on Thu Dec 16 2010 - 07:59:29 PST

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