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Closed Session on Dec.14

From: <leebduboc_at_(domain_name_was_removed)>
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2010 12:31:42 -0500


 Council members,

I hope you will reconsider going into closed session this coming Tuesday. There are many reasons for you to reconsider this, but the most personal one is this -- please learn from the mistakes of others who have come before you. Why do I say this? Many of us as council member "newbies" were confronted with what you are right now. We go into closed session, discussing labor negotiations that have gone on long before we were elected. We have to look at complex labor agreements and rapidly come up to speed on information that only those who have engaged in prior closed-door sessions know about. It's time to end this practice. It's time to throw the doors open and let the sun shine in. The residents have shown by their overwhelming support of Measure L that they want to be part of the labor negotiating process. The general public is aware of the long term fiscal impacts of employee costs that are constructed in closed door council/staff discussions. You would go a long way to restoring the public trust by changing the long-standing practice of early-in-council-term labor negotiation discussions that happen in closed sessions. Yes, it is allowable under the law to do this; but it is not forbidden by law to do this in open session.

Likewise, why is it necessary to discuss the litigation issues related to the labor union lawsuit against Measure L behind closed doors? Shouldn't the public, who overwhelmingly supported Measure L, see just what the union leadership is attempting to do in its attempts to suppress the public's attempt to restore fiscal sustainability for Menlo Park?

I appreciate your time and attention.

Lee Duboc Received on Sat Dec 11 2010 - 09:32:53 PST

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