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State Bar of California's President Engages in "Selektzia" and Awards $5000 to the "Daugher of Two Highly Educated Chicanos"

From: Leslie Brodie <lesliebrodie_at_(domain_name_was_removed)>
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2010 19:08:30 +0530

Few weeks ago the State Bar of California, an otherwise governmental entity, continued with its now notorious shenanigans and took it upon itself to engage in the practice of "selektzia".The term "Selektzia" is and should not be a strange term to the Jewish people. It denotes the process of classifying and separating people according to their race, religion, and physical features as was practiced in Europe for purposes of discrimination.The practice of selektzia was utilized both formally and informally. For example, a teacher acting on a whim will allow only Aryan pupils with natural blond hair and blue eyes to sit in the front of the class. Slavic, Poles, Jews, and Gypsies were allowed only at the back of the classroom. Similarly, a lawfirm in Germany might choose to omit photos of nonAryan associates from promotional literature, for example. During World War II, King Muhammad V refused direct instructions from France and Germany to engage in selektzia by separating the Jew    

 s from the rest of the population and ship them to the camps in Poland. "There are no Jews in Morocco, there are only subjects," the king stated.As such,it was shocking to observe the former and current presidents of the State Bar of CaliforniaMessrs. Howard Miller and Bill Herbert, both of whom are Jewish, engaged in the practice of selektzia with a smile on their faces as their respective lawfirms obtain financial benefit.Ms. Sonja Francine Marie Diaz (AKA Sonja Diaz) who according to the State Bar of California is the "eldest daughter of two highly educated chicanos" received $5000 from the State Bar of California for the sole reason of being a latino. Ms. Diaz, an adherent of the U.C. system, is currently 1L at U.C. Berkeley Boalt Hall. Previously she obtained a B.A. from U.C. Santa Cruz and an M.A. from U.C.L.A. (Photo:Courtesy State Bar of California)Ms. Kristen A. Corpion, a 1L at U.C. Berkeley Boalt Hall, was awarded $15,000 due to her parents' Puerto Rican backgroun    

 d. A $5000 award from the State Bar of California and $10,000 from the Bar Association of San Francisco. (Photo:Courtesy) The State Bar of California's sleketzia ceremony, which was conducted under color of state law and by governmental officials, took place as part of a program in which the State Bar of California awards "Diversity Scholarships" to minorities only. White Need Not Apply.28 law students shared $180,000 amongst themselves for the sole reason of being Latinos, AfricanAmericans or APA.Ms. Sonja Diaz, who according to the State Bar is the daughter of two highly educated chicanos, was awarded $5000 for the sole reason of being a latino. While the argument can and should be made that Ms. Diaz would have been a perfect candidate for a "Public Interest" scholarship, she should not have received any money for being a Latino."There are no Blacks, APA, or Latinos in the U.S., there are only Americans," Brodie stated.Unless http://lesliebrodie.blog.co.uk/2010/05/14/iwasa    

 latino8590392/Dear city.council! Get Yourself a cool, short @in.com Email ID now! Received on Sun Nov 28 2010 - 05:41:28 PST

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