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Fw: BevMo Item E.1 on Nov 9, 2010 Agenda

From: Jack Morris <jhmsvcs_at_(domain_name_was_removed)>
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2010 10:11:30 -0800

Following is my "Sent" copy of the email I posted to <city.council_at_menlopark.org> early this morning.  Hopefully, the full text will be posted this time.

Jack Morris

From: Jack Morris <jackhm_at_att.net>
Subject: BevMo Item E.1 on Nov 9, 2010 Agenda To: city.council_at_menlopark.org
Date: Tuesday, November 9, 2010, 2:44 AM Received on Tue Nov 09 2010 - 10:15:47 PST

Mayor Cline and City Council,

As a former City Council Member and Planning Commissioner I am quite happy to retain the .former. descriptive when an item such as the .BevMo issue. appears on your agenda.  It is often challenging in such circumstances to read or hear passionate testimony from one side or the other, to set aside arguments that have no legal relevance to the actual issue, and to consider and act on the legal issues at hand.

I agree with the many of the emails supporting the BevMo application including, particularly, those from Gerry Andeen, Harry Bims, and Stu Soffer.  Following on their comments and the well detailed staff report I offer a few observations for your consideration.

The project is consistent with the zoning regulations and the General Plan.  There currently is no Specific Plan for the area.

There are apparently no objections or concerns raised by immediate neighbors of the project; nor by the Police Department.

Those .residing in the neighborhood. are far removed and separated from the project by El Camino, a major thoroughfare, or by the (fenced) Caltrain tracks and Alma Street.  There is no reason to overturn the Planning Commission decision based on a claim that the Commission wrongfully granted the Use Permit.

It is probably not appropriate to make a finding of necessity; but a finding of convenience is a no-brainer -- BevMo.s exhibits show the choices available to local shoppers will be greatly expanded.

I urge you to uphold the Planning Commission's decision and to deny the appeal.

Jack Morris

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