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BevMo permit

From: Trish Precobb <trishprecobb_at_(domain_name_was_removed)>
Date: Sun, 7 Nov 2010 20:17:58 -0800

    Dear Members of the City Council,  I am writing to ask you to deny BevMo a use permit in Menlo Park.  We are lucky that a use permit is required for this category of retailer so that we can give this application due consideration.   I found the BevMo full-page advertisement in the Palo Alto Weekly indicative of why they are not a good match for our city.  That is, they are very savvy at marketing, but they don't actually know Menlo Park at all.  It is my guess that they take this type of ad out in every town they are looking to penetrate, but what might work for some cities, is not right for Menlo Park.  And while this ad talks about the "truth," it is full of misleading falsehoods. They state "... you won't be able to find the majority of proudcts we carry anywhere else in Menlo Park."  False.  Clearly they've never been inside Draeger's or Beltramo's which carry "cheese, caviar, glassware, and more."   Also they will affect  the charm of Menlo Park: not because they are a chain store, we have many and as a category  not all chains are bad.  BevMo, specifically, however,  will hurt our charm because they are a discount liquor store; one that advertises 5 cent wine.   I do not want Menlo Park to be known for discount retail of any kind, especially not liquor.  I want us to remain a coveted shopping destination and a town with community values and uniqueness.  And as for their claim of adding jobs, what about the jobs that will be lost at our current retailers?  This strikes me as a plentiful retail category in Menlo Park already, so I believe much of BevMo's sales will be lost sales from others that are here already, thus necessitating lay-offs.  BevMo's impact will not be "12-15 local jobs" as they claim. They will NOT be a positive addition to our community but instead a detriment, and I hope that you will deny their use permit application. Sincerely, Trish Precobb Menlo Park Received on Sun Nov 07 2010 - 20:25:24 PST

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