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Letter in support of use permit for BevMo

From: Brian Schar <brian_schar_at_(domain_name_was_removed)>
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2010 10:24:53 -0700

We are fortunate in Menlo Park to have several world-class retailers of beer and wine.  Beltramo's has an amazing selection, extraordinarily knowledgeable salespeople, fun and educational events, and is my go-to spot for wine.  K&L Wines has a world-class selection of craft beer, some of which are available on the entire west coast only at K&L, to my knowledge.  Willows Market has recently built up another amazing craft beer selection, and is right in my neighborhood.  The presence of a BevMo in the city of Menlo Park will not change my buying habits or my opinion of these existing businesses.  Indeed, I am a little disappointed in their lack of faith in their own competitive ability.  Why would I go to BevMo instead of Beltramo's, K&L, or Willows Market, when those businesses have earned my business? There are a few things that I purchase from BevMo, primarily where BevMo is the sole retailer for those items.  To do so, I go to the locations in Redwood City or Mountain View.  Ultimately, the BevMo in Menlo Park will simply cannibalize business from other BevMo locations in Redwood City and Mountain View. It would certainly be more convenient for me to travel to a Menlo Park BevMo then to the other nearby locations.  What with the city council constantly pushing notions of environmental friendliness and shopping downtown, a shorter car trip to shop downtown would seem to check both boxes. Further, the organized opposition to BevMo seems to conflate the welfare of the city with the welfare of the established retailers.  The two are not necessarily the same thing.  The established retailers will be just fine; they compete very well with BevMo  locations that are already less than 5 miles away.  Allowing a BevMo to take over a now vacant eyesore in downtown doesn't really change anything, other than provide revenue for Menlo Park that otherwise would go toward neighboring cities.  I am in favor of granting the use permit to BevMo.  Thank you. Brian Schar Laurel Avenue, Menlo Park Received on Tue Nov 02 2010 - 10:27:54 PDT

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