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More info on Caltrain

From: Bob Caletti <bcaletti_at_(domain_name_was_removed)>
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2010 22:05:10 -0700

For latest updates, keep track with BayRail Alliance via GreenCaltrain.com
jT9ePewfmajpJQ> and Twitter
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(11/9) Event: Saving Caltrain, the Bay Area Connection

Caltrain is a mainstay of Bay Area transit. Though ridership has increased dramatically with baby bullet service, and rider-based funding is among the highest in the Bay Area, Caltrain is facing a financial crisis. Unlike other Bay Area transit services with stable, dedicated funding, Caltrain depends on year-by-year funding. The recession has torn a $30 million hole in this year-by-year budget. How can Caltrain be saved and put on stable financial footing? How does Caltrain's situation fit into the overall risks and opportunities for Bay Area transit overall?

On November 9, Friends of Caltrain (a coalition which BayRail Alliance is a part of) is hosting an educational event where you can learn more about the situation and what you can do to help. Carolyn Clevenger of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission will present preliminary findings from the MTC Transit Sustainability project. Yoriko Kishimoto, former Mayor of Palo Alto, will discuss funding opportunities for Caltrain, and opportunities to get involved.

Come learn how to save Caltrain. And if you can't come to the event, sign
vE1%2BPewfmajpJQ> up to stay posted on what you can do to help.

Location: Menlo Park Library, 800 Alma Street, near Caltrain Time: Tuesday, November 9, 7-9 pm

See Yoriko's column about Caltrain on Palo Alto Patch: http://paloalto.patch.com/articles/putting-caltrain-on-the-right-track-to-su stainable-funding
ysQuPewfmajpJQ>   Received on Mon Nov 01 2010 - 22:36:37 PDT

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