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CalTrain budget problems and why

From: Bob Caletti <bcaletti_at_(domain_name_was_removed)>
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2010 10:08:20 -0700

I understand that this information might be of interest to you. The short fall from the partners: San Francisco and Santa Clara Transportation agencies will be about $30 million dollars. Here is the source of more information from TRAC (Train Riders Association of California [trac_at_omsoft.com]).  

TRAC E-Bulletin #10-27



TRAC Members & Associates--  

ITEM 1: LATEST EDITION OF THE CALIFORNIA RAIL NEWS HAS BEEN POSTED ON http://www.calrailnews.com <http://www.calrailnews.com/> .  

ITEM 2:   CalTrain is proposing drastic changes to service and fares. As required, CalTrain has set up meetings to get input about these changes.  

Here's what's being proposed :  

The changes would go into effect between October 2010 and January 2011.  

The Fiscal Year 2011 operating budget adopted by the Caltrain board includes $2.3 million in unspecified service reductions and fare increases.  

Caltrain's budget problems can be attributed to several factors. The commuter railroad has lost $10 million in state funds each year for the last three years. Last year the state eliminated State Transportation Assistance funds, forcing Caltrain's three partners - the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, the San Mateo County Transit District and the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority - to reduce their support.  

"The partners have been paying for Caltrain out of our pockets, and our pockets are empty," said Caltrain Executive Director Michael Scanlon.  

In addition, because of the recession, fewer people are commuting to work; Caltrain's ridership has gone down almost 6 percent in the last year.  

Last year, eight midday trains were eliminated and parking fees were increased to close a $2.6 million budget gap.  

For the last several years, Caltrain has aggressively looked for ways to reduce its costs as it has struggled every year to balance its budget. Among the most recent cost-cutting measures has been a hiring freeze on all but the most essential positions. Salaries have been frozen and staff will take a total of 17 mandatory furlough days. Received on Fri Oct 29 2010 - 10:09:14 PDT

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