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** Heritage Tree - 240 University Avenue

From: Suhr, Mary Beth <Marybeth.Suhr_at_(domain_name_was_removed)>
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2010 17:28:42 -0400

Dear Menlo Park City Council Members,

I am writing in support of Kimberly LeMieux's application for a permit to remove a Heritage Tree situated on her property at 240 University Avenue. I have reviewed the situation and in my opinion, Ms. LeMieux has demonstrated justifiable cause for receiving a permit to remove the subject tree from her property.

In support of my opinion, I direct you to please look at the considerations listed in the Menlo Park Heritage Tree Ordinance. Specifically,

The tree is not native or rare to Menlo Park, has no historical significance, special character or community benefit. I doubt anyone other than the homeowner next door would miss the tree. I also understand that Ms. Lemieux has worked extensively with the homeowner next door and has offered numerous remedies to assuage the concerns and objections at considerable expense to her. It seems the homeowner is being unreasonable and the City Council should not yield to such nonsense and should comply with the spirit of what this ordinance is intending to protect - trees of historical significance, special character or community benefit.

The tree requires removal in order to improve the property. Ms LeMieux has considered multiple alternative building plans; however, none are reasonable or feasible. The Environmental Quality Commission has failed to provide reasonable or feasible alternative plans in support of their position to deny a permit.

Removal of the tree will not affect the topography of the land, create soil erosion, retention or diversion or increase flow of surface waters.

Ms. LeMieux has gone to extensive and exhaustive efforts to balance the desires and concerns of the community and neighbors in her pursuit of improving her property. It would be a tragedy to withhold permission for Ms. LeMieux to remove the tree and proceed with her proposed project improvements. This project will enhance the neighborhood and have a positive impact on the surrounding homes which would benefit from the presence of a new home constructed by Ms. LeMieux.

Over the years, Ms. LeMieux has built several homes throughout Menlo Park for both development purposes as well as custom built for owners. Each and every one of her homes has a distinctive look and quality that enhances the surrounding community of Menlo Park and has had a positive impact on the neighborhoods and has contributed to the desirability of living in this community. She has gone above and beyond reason to comply with the spirit and intent of the Menlo Park Heritage Tree Ordinance and her application for a permit to remove the tree should be granted.


Mary Beth Suhr
1370 Cotton Street
Menlo Park, CA

Mary Beth Suhr, CFA
245 Lytton Avenue, Suite 200
Palo Alto, CA 94301

Direct: 650-853-4045
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Fax: 650-328-8095

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