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** Menlo Swim - RFP - (really, why are you doing this?)

From: Erin O'Mara <EOMara_at_(domain_name_was_removed)>
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2010 16:15:56 -0700

To whom it may concern,  

As a tax payer and home owner in the Menlo Park Willows (for over 23 years), I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know I am an advocate for Tim Sheeper, he should continue to run the Menlo Park Aquatic Center, he knows what he is doing, he does things properly, and he has been a complete asset to the community by running a strong and well managed facility.  

Please note - I do not swim with the Menlo Masters team, I am just a very strong supporter of how the pool is currently managed.  

I believe that Tim and his team have taken what used to be a complete disaster of a pool and have created a very pristine and well run organization that not only is a benefit to the city, it's a benefit to the community around the Menlo Park area.  

In the late 80's and early 90's I would participate in lap swimming at the old burgess center, you know with the blue stamp cards. I cannot tell you how poorly managed the aquatics center was, there was the unfriendly staff, the most revolting bathrooms that were never cleaned, the water in the swimming pool that never seemed to be clean, horrible lap swim hours, also, you could sneak in and not pay for your lap swimming. I stopped swimming at the old facility, it was not managed well and was rundown and disgusting.  

When Tim and his team took over the facility, the transformation to the old burgess aquatic facility has been just incredible.  

The most amazing detail you must know is that Tim and his incredible staff take so much pride in what they are doing, they are professional, dedicated and they run the facility properly without cutting corners.  

Tim and his team are truly contributing back to the community by providing summer programs for kids, swim lessons, water polo, lap swimming, water aerobics and they have the most amazing hours. Tim and his team are friendly. The current management may not realize this, but the staff are actually devoted to keeping you motivated to come to the pool for exercise. They encourage everyone from all walks of life to participate in the aquatic center. Under Tim's management, he maintains the facility, in all aspects. Multiple lifeguards on duty (previous management, there was maybe one lifeguard, never multiple), a pro shop (have you ever forgot your goggles, or swim suit?), CLEAN SHOWERS with hot water.. I can go on and on.  

I know the bottom line for the city council is they want to cut corners and do things on the cheap, especially now since there now seems to be a budget crisis. I am certain the city council can figure out how to get more tax dollars in the city without changing the current aquatics operation, right? What about opening the new Bev - Mo? This would be a great asset in tax revenue to the city? Or are there too many local businesses who would be upset by this?  

Let's not go back to the way the aquatics center used to be, that was just a disgrace and a complete joke. I support Tim and pursued you to keep the Burgess Pool under his management.  

Please feel free to contact me on my mobile if you would like a live testimonial.  

Thank you for your time.

Erin O'Mara

311 Mckendry Drive (formerly lived at 320 Laurel Street - 2 blks from the pool)

Menlo Park

C. 650.400.5613         Received on Mon Oct 25 2010 - 16:15:18 PDT

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