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Fact not Fiction about Menlo Swim & Sport

From: Fact Not-fiction <factnotfiction_at_(domain_name_was_removed)>
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2010 10:17:19 -0700

Dear City Council:

After reading a few comments regarding the outstanding RFP for a pool operator for the Burgess Aquatic Center, I feel compelled to dispell a few of the myths and outright lies posted regarding Menlo Swim & Sport and Tim Sheeper in particular. The email from Greg Fujii on Oct. 13 contain the most offensive and unfounded of these accusations and are indeed suggestive of a mind teetering on the brink of irrationality.

First, why does Menlo Swim & Sport accrue any sort of blame from the fact that the initial contract offer from the City of Menlo Park came without it going up for public bid? Menlo Swim & Sport were solicited to make an offer, they did so, and were subsequently granted the contract---end of story. It was the responsibility of the then city council to look for other possible providers. This lack of due diligence does indeed deserve criticism, but luckily for Menlo Park, we found the best possible operator right off the bat!

Second, where does Mr. Fujii garner the information that Menlo Swim & Sport had a profit of $2M? Does Mr. Fujii understand the difference between revenue and profit? And does he recognize the costs associated with operating the pool as well as the salary requirements of a 100+ local employees? And must I point out the self-absorbed cost of the winter dome that Menlo Swim & Sport installed to better serve youth swimming? Anyone with a hint of financial sense will understand this type of investment pays itself off only after several years---which makes it a shining example of how Menlo Swim & Sport takes a long and community-oriented view to improving the Aquatic Center.

As far as the libelous allegations that Menlo Swim & Sport is "cheating" the SOLO club out of access, it takes only a moment of internet searching to yield multiple sources publishing that these two organizations reached an agreement on access years ago. However, access does not mean "unlimited free use" of the Aquatic Center---or should the operator bear all costs for the benefits of other swim groups? That would be a good way of ensuring we get the worst possible operator of the center!

Mr. Fujii also stoops to a new low citing "multiple burn incidents" at the pool. Again, a moment of internet review will show that the single actual incident was a result of a mechanical defect in the automated system (a system initially installed and approved by the City of Menlo Park). This system is being reviewed by the manufacturer, the city and Menlo Swim & Sport for how to improve it's safety. Assigning negligence to Menlo Swim & Sport is ridiculous.

And finally, Mr. Fujii brings up poop in the pool. I'd answer this but it's just not worth giving him any more attention. I only wish his email could be cleaned up from this thread as easily!

Let's keep the debate and opinions regarding the best choice of operator for the Burgess Aquatic Center at a little higher level, please!

Fact, Not Fiction        Received on Tue Oct 19 2010 - 10:17:27 PDT

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