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Support for Solo

From: Robin Stewart <arstewar_at_(domain_name_was_removed)>
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2010 13:27:05 -0700

Support for Solo Aquatics

Our family has used Solo Aquatics for our daughter since she was 3 years old - she is now 6 and a half. She has utilized the following programs at Solo:

Why we have chosen Solo Aquatics over Menlo Swim (Burgess):

#1 Quality of coaching (lessons, swim camp and competitive swimming): Coach Tom is an extremely effective coach. He is very good with children of all ages and helps the children become SAFE and proficient, but all the while having fun. His focus on skill progression is highly effective at building strong swimmers that won't end up with physical injuries due to poor form. He maintains a positive learning environment that is child-focused and team-focused. Kids learn to work together and support each other.

Coach Tom has a long-term vision for the children. He moves them along at a pace that is reasonable for each individual child that will not result in burn-out. The transitions for the younger children are seamless - there are no ribbons or arbitrary levels, but instead children simply improve their skills with every lesson and have fun.

Coach Tom hires high quality coaches who share his philosophy and approach. There is no yelling at the children, yet the coaches have the respect of the children. My daughter LOVES swim practice 3 days a week - even in the cold and the rain. The coaches and team atmosphere keep her engaged.

***Whenever I've observed the Menlo Swim program and Maverics coaches I not see the same quality of coaching. It is not uncommon to hear the Maverics coach yelling at the kids and they offer no room for enjoyment of swimming. I hear from parents who use the Burgess program that their children are demoralized when they don't get their "ribbons" and can't move to the next arbitrary level - so they end up giving up on lessons.

What are the problems I have experienced with Menlo Swim and operation of Burgess Pool:

Menlo Swim has a great logo and everything looks pretty, but the program offers little in quality or substance. There appears to be little thought into how to prioritize operations to make the pool run smoothly and meet the needs of the community.

- the baby pool hours are organized by what is good for adults, but not the babies it was designed for. The hours during the summer should be shifted to the morning and late afternoon. Babies need to have naps in the afternoon! When the baby pool was first opened the hours were from 1-4 pm - who thought that one up? Obviously there are only so many allowable budgeted hours, so why don' t they make the best of them.

If you have any questions about what I have written please feel free to contact me further.

Robin Stewart Received on Mon Oct 18 2010 - 13:27:29 PDT

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