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From: Doug Vort <dvort_at_(domain_name_was_removed)>
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2010 10:35:25 -0700

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October 18, 2010

VIA ELECTRONIC MAIL: city.council_at_menlopark.org

The Hon. Richard Cline
701 Laurel St.
Menlo Park, CA 94025

RE: Burgess Pool/Tim Sheeper

Dear Mayor Cline:

This email is in response to the many opinions being expressed about Burgess Pool/Menlo Swim & Sport/Tim Sheeper. In fairness, let me state that for the past 12 months I have been an active member of Team Sheeper and a member of the Menlo Masters swim team, swimming 4-6 days/wk. My two children take private lessons at Burgess, and as a family we frequent the facility regularly. How I use the facility is important to the discussion because it is both a sport facility as well as a family-use facility; hence, the name "Menlo Swim & Sport", not Burgess/Menlo Park Community Pool. In spending so much time at the facility, I have also come to know Tim Sheeper (and much of his staff) quite well. In Tim, I have not met a better coach, person and facility manager in all my years. He is not simply dedicated to his business (which he runs incredibly well), but has a caring for people that is rarely seen outside an immediate family member. It is no surprise that the majority of the Menlo Masters swimmers and Team Sheeper tri-athletes have trained with him for 20+ years.

Given the varying points of view in this debate, as well as the stakes involved, I feel it is important to highlight a few simple facts:

  1. Menlo Swim & Sport provides an opportunity for athletes of ALL LEVELS (beginner to elite athlete) to learn and develop in swimming, biking and/or running. He and his team provide the same energy, devotion, and structure to the novice, experienced and curious alike. Tim Sheeper is a world class athlete and coach, and all residents of Menlo Park are fortunate to have him. In what other community can one find a place that combines elite training as well as family services, and at such a competitive rate?
  2. Given the varying competing interests and the limited pool space available, Tim continues to struggle everyday to accommodate everyone. Naturally, this is a difficult, if not impossible task. But he does a fantastic job. In fact, of the many competing interests, only the SOLO Team is not satisfied. As a result, SOLO has engaged in a five year malicious campaign of lies and slander against Tim Sheeper.
  3. With the exception of the 3-4 warm summer months, the pool is most frequented by the Menlo Masters swim team (400+ members) followed by the several hundred individual lap swimmers. They swim everyday, rain or shine. The dues that these two groups pay are the primary source of income throughout the year and are what keeps the facilities in clean working order; the pools heated; and the lifeguards staffed during the busy summer months.

In reading many of the previous emails, I understand the concerns and varying points of view, but nobody has come forth with an alternative equal to what Tim Sheeper provides. Who is willing to be at the pool six (6) days a week (every week including every holiday) at 5:30AM to coach the Masters program (a revenue generator) and run the facility? How about lead a team of tri-athletes on a 3+ hour bike ride three days/wk? And who is going to take time away from their family to travel all across the country to lead athletes in swim events, triathlons, and Ironman competitions? This is the "Sport" of Menlo Swim & Sport which not only make everything else possible, but it serves just an important service to our community as the "swim" portion.

I am in support of Tim Sheeper continuing his management of the facility. Menlo Park is beyond fortunate to have someone of the caliber and stature of Tim Sheeper (and his entire staff) and I plan on working diligently to support his continued participation.

Respectfully yours,

Doug Vort

President & CEO


CC:          Kelly Fergusson, Council member
                Heyward Robinson, Council member
                John Boyle, Council member
                Andrew Cohen, Council member



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