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El Camino options

From: domainremoved <Cherie>
Date: Sat, 21 Mar 2015 04:44:28 +0000

Hello Honorable Mayor and Council Members,
I am a Mountain View resident, and I understand you are looking at options for El Camino.  I would like to encourage you to consider protected bike lanes along El Camino.  Mountain View recently approved protected bike lanes along parts El Camino, and our former mayor encouraged the inclusion of right-of-way for protected bike lanes as new parcels are redeveloped.  The approved bike lanes haven't been constructed yet, but I can't wait!!
As someone who chooses a cargo bike as my main mode of transportation, it is important to me that places like El Camino, which have destinations all along the corridor, are safe to access.  For me, cycling is a choice.  I choose it because it keeps me fit, doesn't pollute, and I don't have to pay for gas.  Others, who are less financially fortunate, have less of a choice, especially as the area becomes more expensive.
Finally, creating an atrractive road that is safe to cycle on will encourage people to go to those spaces and be in them, rather than just speeding through them.  That's good for business along the corridor.
Thank you for your consideration!Cherie Walkowiak
Received on Fri Mar 20 2015 - 21:40:13 PDT

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