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City Manager feedback

From: domainremoved <Didi>
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2015 17:44:15 -0700

Dear Council Members,

I understand that the City Manager's contract is up for review, and I would
like to express my point of view that Alex McIntyre should be *replaced*.

Two years ago, a large group of Menlo Park families were outraged by the
manipulation of power by Alex and his staff to oust a beloved and long
standing gym teacher, Michelle Sutton, based on a complaint from one

   - At the time, we learned that a few well liked teachers at the gym
   including Michelle were eliminated (in one case by switching a teacher's
   whole schedule to times he had clearly communicated he had to work at
   another job).
   - Specifically, Cherise Brandell who ran all the Community Services in
   Menlo Park was systematically getting rid of any staff member at the
   Burgess Gym who didn't see eye to eye with her (or get along with her 2nd in
   command, Karen Mihalek).
   - They used bullying and intimidation and everyone at Burgess Gym was
   afraid they could lose their jobs at any second. Cherise Brandell had the
   full support of the City Manager, Alex McIntyre who she hand-selected and
   helped push into office.
   - I personally spoke with a few Burgess Gym staff members and heard
   about a meeting called by Alex in which he threatened that if they
   complained or spoke against the Burgess Administration that they would lose
   their jobs (like Michelle).

*Parents throughout Menlo Park were apalled that this type of manipulative,
aggressive behavior by Alex McIntyre could go on in the Administration of
our town, but we were told that Alex's position was locked in until his
contract was up in 2015.*

*Now that Alex's contract is up, please help us replace Alex with a
candidate who shows integrity and commitment to listen to the interests and
needs of the Menlo Park community.*

Thank you in advance for your help.
Didi Engel
Menlo Park homeowner and parent

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