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Sidewalks on Santa Cruz Ave

From: domainremoved <Debbie>
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2015 00:31:27 +0000

For the 22 years that I've lived on Hermosa Way on the north side of Santa Cruz Avenue, I've wished for sidewalks on Santa Cruz Ave. Walking in the street has never felt safe or comfortable. If I'm not dodging parked cars and looking out for bicycles, I'm constantly looking at the cars heading towards me, hoping they'll stay in their lane. Sending our kids out on their bikes or on foot to Hillview or downtown took a leap of faith knowing that they would not pay attention to these hazards. Luckily neither they nor their friends were ever hurt. And while walking in the drainage gutter doesn't sound appealing, it is the only semi-level area to walk on since the pavement slopes away from the center of the street. I think about how difficult it will be to walk on the street as it exists now as I age. Not having sidewalks definitely impedes the ability of people with disabilities or those with less stability to walk to maintain their health. It is the anti-thesis of an Age Friendly City, neither promoting the well-being of elders nor young families.

I urge the City Council to adopt the plan that has been recommended by the Public Works Department. The plan seems very well thought out. Though it won't satisfy everyone (no plan will), it does make compromises that allow for the safe use of the street by pedestrians, bicyclists, and cars alike while minimizing the impact on heritage trees and the landscaping that homeowners have installed. I suggest adding benches to the design to give elders and young children alike a safe harbor to rest, thereby promoting their health, their use of the sidewalk, and the concept of an Age Friendly City.
Debbie Verity1135 Hermosa WayMenlo Park
Received on Tue Mar 10 2015 - 17:26:29 PDT

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