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Sidewalks on Santa Cruz

From: domainremoved <>
Date: Sat, 7 Mar 2015 23:11:17 -0800


I am not sure if it has been brought to anyone's attention that several households on the northwest side of Santa Cruz Avenue have individual sewage pipes which run, at the owners' expense for upkeep, from our homes to the large collecting sewage pipe on the southeast side of Santa Cruz Avenue. When these pipes are broken, Santa Cruz Avenue sometimes needs significant traffic alterations and major construction to fix these sewage pipes. This happened to us several years ago and it was quite messy and impacted pedestrians, bicyclists, and traffic on Santa Cruz Avenue.

I would love to see sidewalks on one or both sides of Santa Cruz Avenue for safety and aesthetic purposes. However, it would be financially unfair to homeowners and potentially quite disruptive to the sewage pipes running under the street from the northwest side of the street to do major construction without a city-funded plan for upkeep and maintenance of our sewage lines. There is a reasonable risk that construction will in fact damage the existing sewage pipes, and if this happens, subsequent individually scheduled repairs of each of our sewage pipes down the entire length of Santa Cruz Avenue will disrupt the sidewalk and any city-implemented landscaping on our side of the street, in addition to hindering the flow of traffic on this road during repairs.

Please take this into consideration as decisions are made regarding how to proceed with the sidewalk plan. In my opinion, the best option is for sidewalks on both sides with updating of sewage lines which run under Santa Cruz Avenue. Forcing homeowners on Santa Cruz Avenue to individually fund repairs of sewage pipes after all this construction is completed is unfair, wasteful and will cause more headaches and traffic problems in the long run if it isn't considered before the sidewalk plan is implemented. While I understand that the city budget has limits, I also think it would be shortsighted to ignore this issue and proceed with the sidewalk plan without realizing the long term impact of not considering this issue.

Thanks so much for taking this into consideration,

Grace Cheng
1100 Hillview Dr.
Menlo Park, CA
Received on Sat Mar 07 2015 - 23:06:47 PST

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