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Fwd: El Camino Real (ECR) ALERT

From: domainremoved <Stefan>
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2015 04:00:59 -0800

Dear City Council,

I agree with Lee. We should study at least one non-bike alternative for
ECR. Bike usage will further reduce capacity on ECR and add to vehicle
congestion and ultimately cut-through traffic.

Thank you!
Stefan Petry
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From: Menlo Park's Future <menlofuture_at_(domainremoved)
Date: Thu, Feb 12, 2015 at 6:06 PM
Subject: El Camino Real (ECR) ALERT
To: Menlo Park's Future <menlofuture_at_(domainremoved)

 El Camino Real (ECR) ALERT

Fellow residents,

As you may be aware, the City has embarked on the City’s General Plan
update process--examining land uses and development standards for the M-2
zoning area*, as well as mobility issues citywide**. *

On Feb 19, <http://menlopark.org/Calendar.aspx?EID=901> the community is
invited to share ideas on how El Camino Real can become a safer and more
accommodating transportation resource for all users, including pedestrians
and bicyclists. And will be presenting The El Camino Real Corridor Study
<http://www.menlopark.org/DocumentCenter/View/5919> which provides 3
alternatives that *all include accommodations for bikes on El Camino Real.*

The alternatives were based in part on a Monkey Survey
<http://www.menlopark.org/DocumentCenter/Home/View/5651>, in which, for
example, 61% of 309 respondents “regularly bike on El Camino.” And YET of
those 61%, “39% almost never bike.” I’m not making this up!

Seriously, *it seems to me that the ECR Study, which BTW, was commissioned
by the Transportation Commission, should have included at least one bike
alternative route that parallels—but is not on—ECR. *Such a study is
warranted given the fact that we have striped bike lanes on Alma, we have *new
*roads opening up next to the railroad tracks behind the Greenheart
property and the *new* Residence Inn, an imminent *new* bike/ped.
 underpass connecting Alma and ECR near Middle Road, and the possibility of
a *new* bike lane behind the ECR Stanford property. Furthermore we have a
bike bridge in Linfield Oaks connecting Menlo Park to Palo Alto’s bike
boulevard (Bryant Street).

If you would like the City to study at least one biker-friendly alternative
route, or have any other ECR-related comments, please email City Council
members at city.council_at_(domainremoved)
<http://menlopark.org/Calendar.aspx?EID=901> on Feb 19. Time is critical as
the opportunity for *new* input in this process is closing down.


 Lee Duboc (menlofuture_at_(domainremoved)

*Interesting Facts re Menlo Park*

   - The daily average of cars on ECR ranges from 35,000-47,000 depending
   on location (obviously some will have passengers).
   - The daily number of weekday bus riders is 220 boardings and 120

· Almost 1000 people commute by train from Menlo Park, and 750
commute to Menlo Park on weekdays.

· The daily number of bikers at ECR intersections (not on ECR) is
272 in the a.m. and 117 in the p.m. *of which 74% are at Sandhill Road in
the a.m. and 89% in the p.m.*

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