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I support Caltrain Electrification Project

From: domainremoved <Roxanne>
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2015 16:26:06 -0800

Dear City Council,

The Caltrain Electrification project will reduce air pollution and improve rail service. To me, the reduction of air pollution is the key consideration. Heart disease, asthma rates and lung can be cut overtime we work to clean our air. if children who already have asthma are have fewer attacks, or maybe even recover completely from the disease itn’t it worth it! What about children not even developing asthma — isn’t this a goal we should consider. Heart disease, COPD, we adults can add years to our lives or at least make our later years healthy ones.

Improving rail service with the electrification will also encourage more use of mass transit—cutting traffic woes and cleaning our air even more.

The electric trains will be quieter that the diesel engines, and with an improved rail system we can get funding for grade separations at key intersections, obviating the need for train whistles and further reducing noise.

Eventually we may even be able to use renewable sources for the electric trains, solar or wind power, making the trains even cleaner. Diesel trains will only run on diesel oil, no matter how efficient they become.

The opponents of this electrification project seem to mainly fear it will lead to a High Speed Rail project. So what!! Do we let children suffer from asthma, people die of heart disease, our air continue to become more and more hazy just because a few people are afraid of a faster train? This is America! The majority of Menlo Park residents voted for HSR when the proposal was on the ballot anyway. The electrification project is separate from High Speed Rail and has incredible benefits for our public health now.

I urge you to not commit the city to any lawsuits against a project with so many benefits. We need to take steps to clean our air now.

Thank you
Roxanne Rorapaugh
Sherman Ave
Menlo Park
Received on Fri Jan 23 2015 - 16:20:34 PST

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