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This Week's Alert - January 9, 2015

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Date: Fri, 9 Jan 2015 16:44:31 +0000

This Week's Alert - January 9, 2015

* Governor Outlines Agenda for Final Term in Office; Fixing Roads and Bridges, Cutting Carbon

* On-Call Rest Periods Are Lawful, Appellate Court Rules

* Advocacy Return on Investment (pdf)

* Labor Law Corner: Supervisor Harassment Prevention Training Must Cover Abusive Conduct

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Governor Outlines Agenda for Final Term in Office; Fixing Roads and Bridges, Cutting Carbon

Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. on Monday was sworn in for an unprecedented fourth term and combined his inaugural address with his annual State of the State speech.

Read the full story - http://links.email.calchamber.com/ctt?kn=27&ms=NDc3ODA1OTES1&r=NDc4MzYyMjQ3MzES1&b=2&j=NjAxMzY2NDMxS0&mt=1&rt=0


On-Call Rest Periods Are Lawful, Appellate Court Rules

In a victory for California businesses, the 2nd District Court of Appeal has ruled in an unpublished opinion that on-call rest periods are lawful.

Read the full story - http://links.email.calchamber.com/ctt?kn=26&ms=NDc3ODA1OTES1&r=NDc4MzYyMjQ3MzES1&b=2&j=NjAxMzY2NDMxS0&mt=1&rt=0


Advocacy Return on Investment (PDF) - http://links.email.calchamber.com/ctt?kn=14&ms=NDc3ODA1OTES1&r=NDc4MzYyMjQ3MzES1&b=2&j=NjAxMzY2NDMxS0&mt=1&rt=0


Labor Law Corner: Supervisor Harassment Prevention Training Must Cover Abusive Conduct

What are the new requirements for “abusive conduct” training, also referred to as anti-bullying, and do we have to train all employees?

Read the full story - http://links.email.calchamber.com/ctt?kn=7&ms=NDc3ODA1OTES1&r=NDc4MzYyMjQ3MzES1&b=2&j=NjAxMzY2NDMxS0&mt=1&rt=0


2015 Employment Law Updates Webinar

Thursday, January 29
10:00 - 11:30 a.m. PT

With new employment laws on the books for 2015, sound HR decisions hinge on having current information. CalChamber's annual webinar reviews recent state and federal court cases, new laws and regulatory changes, and how they apply to your workforce.

Anyone with employees in California will benefit from our employment law experts' compliance guidance on mandatory paid sick leave, immigration-related practices, employer contractor liability and more.



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