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Re: Noise levels on the weekend due to West Campus - Facebook Project

From: domainremoved <Vincent>
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2014 09:01:21 -0800


I am sorry about this.

Facebook was not granted permission to violate the rules about weekend
construction during our planning commission hearing.

This certainly seems like something that should not be allowed without a
public hearing.

I have included several members of the city planning staff and the city
council on this e-mail thread.

Vince Bressler - planning commission

On 12/23/2014 8:01 AM, Elidia Contreras wrote:
> Dear Planning Commissioners,
> I hope you are all enjoying the merriment of the holiday season with
> loved ones.
> Over the weekend, I noticed construction was underway in the West
> Campus - Facebook Project. I live in the Belle Haven area, within 300
> feet of the project, and I did not need to stand in front of the
> construction zone to be immediately awoken by the noise disturbance. I
> took a stroll near the construction zone, and I noticed there was a
> smorgasbord of construction crew members and machinery in full swing.
> It was such a wonderful site to see, but I am concerned about the
> noise being generated by this project, especially on the weekend when
> I and fellow residents are hoping to enjoy these last few weeks with
> loved ones visiting from out of town in peace and quiet.
> After reading through the planned construction hours of operation of
> Facebook project, I do not recall weekend hours being permissible.
> My plan of action was to call the non-emergency line over the weekend
> (12/20), and was told from the police department that they would look
> into the matter.
> I called again on Sunday, 12/21, and this is when the police
> department told me Facebook had filed a special permit for work to be
> done 24/7 at the site. After looking at Menlo Park's municipal codes,
> I do not see a special permit of such nature. Furthermore, I do not
> see a special permit filed on the Facebook's project website.
> Lastly, I called the Menlo Park Planning Division regarding the
> Facebook project was told that they submitted a special permit to work
> 24/7 to complete their March deadline, and a notice was mailed out to
> residents within 300 feet of the site regarding the request.
> Unfortunately, I, along with other residents, do not recall receiving
> the notice in the mail.
> Given the Municipal Code Chapter 8.06 on Noise, I wanted to report
> these excessive noise levels since work hours are regulated by this
> very tool. There are no trucks and/or entrances of the construction
> site near the Belle Haven corridor off of Hamilton Rd., so no sign
> containing the permitted hours of construction activities exceeding
> the noise limits, set forth in Section 9.06.030, is required.
> I believe the noise levels on the weekend are intolerable and far
> exceed the 85 decibels at fifty feet even during the week, like today.
> As a solution, I would like the noise level on the weekend in Belle
> Haven to resume to adequate noise levels and repeal the "special
> permit" that was allowed, and I would like to see a sign posted on the
> Belle Haven side regarding the construction hours since I am certain
> the noise does not change Monday - Friday while we are at work.
> Thank you for your attention to this matter,
> Elidia V. Tafoya, MPH
> Long-time Belle Haven Resident
> Parks and Recreation Commission Member
> econtrer_at_(domainremoved)
Received on Tue Dec 23 2014 - 08:54:56 PST

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