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comment on the M-2 for tomorrow night's meeting

From: domainremoved <Michael>
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2014 00:08:44 -0800

To the council:

I am a resident of Menlo Park and I work in Belle Haven at Facebook.
Unfortunately I will not be able to attend tomorrow night's meeting but I
hope this note can register my sentiments.

My wife and I have a young son, and we would love to see Menlo Park become
more vibrant and more walkable. And as a Facebook employee, I would love to
see a "second downtown" in Menlo Park on the other side of 101.
Specifically, I'm excited about the prospect of a walkable, mixed-use,
vibrant neighborhood in place of the current inaccessible office/industrial
sprawl. I can tell you that whenever Facebook employees want to go out
after work, they drive to downtown Palo Alto—much to the chagrin of folks
who commute from SF! If we had an active downtown area in Belle Haven, we
would most certainly patronize it.

I believe many Menlo Park residents like me would like to see more housing
in this area, higher-quality office space to attract startups, and most of
all, bars, restaurants and retail to enjoy. I am concerned that the current
general plan does not provide for the kind of density that would be
required to achieve a critical mass of patrons for a walkable downtown-like
area like Castro Street in Mountain View or even California Ave in Palo
Alto. This should be a guiding principle for the plan.

I look around and see Palo Alto as the destination downtown on the
peninsula, and an insurgent Redwood City with some of most vibrant new
spots. We're in between and we're being left behind. Let's imagine what we
can create and not squander this opportunity!

Thank you for listening.

Michael Levinson
Received on Tue Dec 09 2014 - 00:03:04 PST

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