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San Mateo Bd of Supervisors - Invitation to Information Briefing on Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) at its Board meeting on December 9, 2014 10:30am

From: domainremoved <J>
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2014 10:09:29 -0800


*As a citizen of Menlo Park, I want to make sure you are aware of
tommorow's opportunity to become more knowledgeable about emerging CCA's in
our geographic region.*

*The formation of CCA's is gaining momentum across that state as the most
powerful action that cities & counties can make to meet state goals for the
reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.*

* I am hoping that a council person or city representative will be
attending this important briefing on CCA's.*

*Thank you, Jan Butts*

*From:* "David Burruto" <DBurruto_at_(domainremoved)
*Date:* December 2, 2014 at 2:02:51 PM PST
*Subject:* *RE: Invitation to an information briefing*

I am writing to inform you that the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors
has scheduled an informational briefing on Community Choice Aggregation
(CCA) at its Board meeting on December 9, 2014. This agenda item is for
discussion only and is intended to provide guidance and feedback to County
staff who are investigating CCA and its potential for San Mateo County and
local cities.

A CCA program allows cities and counties to aggregate the buying power of
individual customers in order to purchase or develop clean electricity.
The attached summary provides a brief description of CCA in California and
its potential benefits and functions.

Supervisors Pine and Groom would like to invite you as well as interested
Sierra Club Loma Prieta members to attend the meeting on December 9th that
begins at 9:00 am in the Board of Supervisors’ chamber located at 400
County Center, Redwood City. I will send you a follow-up email with a copy
of the staff report and the expected starting time of the CCA presentation,
when the agenda for the meeting is finalized Thursday. Assuming there is
interest in the CCA concept, it is anticipated that the item could come
back to the Board of Supervisors early next year for a more detailed study
session and possible action to authorize next steps, including a CCA
Feasibility Study.

To date, two CCA programs are operational in California in Marin and Sonoma
counties and a third will soon launch in Southern California. There are
several other jurisdictions throughout the State investigating CCA. In the
Bay Area, Alameda County has allocated more than $1 million to begin the
first phase CCA activities, unincorporated Napa County has joined Marin’s
CCA program, and interest is growing in Contra Costa County. Several
communities in Santa Clara County, led by the cities of Sunnyvale and
Cupertino, are also considering CCA formation and have allocated funding
for a CCA study.

We hope you or a representative of the Sierra Club Loma Prieta will be
available to attend.


David Burruto

Chief of Staff

Office of Supervisor Dave Pine

San Mateo County

District 1

Hall of Justice & Records

400 County Center

Redwood City, CA 94063

Received on Mon Dec 08 2014 - 10:03:18 PST

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