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What are we thankful for? YOU!

From: domainremoved <Peninsula>
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2014 11:53:29 -0500

There is no time more fitting to say
thank you.

[image: Thanksgiving lunch at the Martin Luther King Center in the late 1980s]

Thanksgiving lunch at the Martin Luther King Center in the late 1980s. Peninsula Family Service provided daily hot lunches and other services for older adults at the San Mateo center until the City took over in 2003.


Dear City of Menlo Park,
November and December have a special way of inspiring reflection. Looking back at this year, I'm overwhelmed by gratitude for all you have done for Peninsula Family Service.
I am not alone. There are children, families, older adults, staff, board members, volunteers, and so many others here in the Bay Area who are incredibly thankful for you too. Your support of Peninsula Family Service gave more than 10,000 people opportunities they thought were beyond reach.

What kind of real-life opportunities did you help make possible?
You connected Alba with our Fair Oaks Adult Activity Center , a community where she feels appreciated and wanted. Her depression and isolation have faded, replaced with eager anticipation of a day filled with energizing fitness classes, engaging activities, and vibrant conversation over a hot meal.
You provided Donald with the financial workshop that inspired him to plan for his family's future , giving him confidence that financial stability is achievable. His reliance on payday lenders has ended and his savings account grows a little more each day.
You welcomed Ysabel to a classroom where she learned to read her first book , developed an affinity for pineapple, and made more friends than she can count. She is a confident, curious little girl who will surely take kindergarten by storm when she graduates from our Early Learning Program next year.
Here at Peninsula Family Service, you are the at the heart of each of these opportunities. Thank you for your tireless enthusiasm, dedicated support, and limitless passion,
Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy Thanksgiving,

Arne Croce
Executive Director, Peninsula Family Service

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