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RE: WEST 2014 Summary and Survey

From: Abrams, Heather <"Abrams,>
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2014 11:52:47 -0800

Dear Ms. Butts,

Thank you for your concern for the environment, sustainability and reversing climate change. I hope you will be pleased to know that, while there is still much work to do, the City of Menlo Park has made significant steps in addressing sustainability and climate change. You can view our adopted Climate Action Plan (CAP) by following this link http://www.menlopark.org/305/Climate-Action-Plan . You may also be interested in attending one of the Environmental Quality Commission meetings. You can find meeting dates and agendas here: http://www.menlopark.org/307/Environmental-Quality-Commission .

City staff participate in a number of regional environmental efforts, including Joint Venture Silicon Valley Climate Task Force, Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Association (BAWSCA), and the Regional Integrated Climate Action Planning Suite (RICAPS). Staff did not participate in the West Summit 2014, though we are pleased to see a wealth of regional resources, and we plan to work cooperatively with neighboring agencies whenever possible.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me, Heather Abrams, Environmental Programs Manager, at (650)330-6765 or email habrams_at_(domainremoved)

Heather Abrams
Environmental Programs Manager
City of Menlo Park

From: J Butts [mailto:jb.ecomail_at_(domainremoved)
Sent: Monday, November 24, 2014 10:15 AM
Subject: Fwd: WEST 2014 Summary and Survey

I am a Menlo Park citizen and I am deeply concerned about sustainability and reversing climate change.
Did any MP City Council members or city staff attend this conference?
What regional Sustainability organizations does Menlo Park participate in?
Thank you, Janice Butts

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From: 'Mike' via Carbon Free MV <carbon-free-mv_at_(domainremoved)
Date: Mon, Nov 24, 2014 at 9:25 AM
Subject: Fwd: WEST 2014 Summary and Survey
To: "carbon-free-mv_at_(domainremoved)free-mv_at_(domainremoved)
Here is a summary from the Sustainable Silicon Valley conference last week in Palo Alto. There are some interesting projects and highlights.



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From: Sustainable Silicon Valley <mgrossman_at_(domainremoved)inablesv.org<mailto:mgrossman_at_(domainremoved)
Date: November 24, 2014 at 8:09:41 AM PST
To: mike_at_(domainremoved)<mailto:mike_at_(domainremoved)
Subject: WEST 2014 Summary and Survey
Reply-To: info_at_(domainremoved)tainablesv.org>


Dear friend,

Thank you for participating in Sustainable Silicon Valley (SSV)'s summit, WEST 2014: Net Positive Call to Action. At this year's summit, over 250 attendees explored a wide array of net positive projects from the City of Lancaster to SF Bay Area Super Bowl 50. At the summit, SSV announced a new action-based initiative, Net Positive Bay Area, with the audacious goal of creating a net positive region by 2050.


Photo by Puliatti Photographic

During the summit, attendees broke out into targeted topics for Conversations for Action; learned about Economic Opportunities: Financing Green Infrastructure; heard about new solutions from entrepreneurs as they pitched their Call for Solutions; and exhibitors showcased their organizations and products.

At the summit, attendees were introduced to innovative concepts and strategies, made connections, and embarked on new collaborations. We're excited to share highlights from the day.

Marianna Grossman, Executive Director, Sustainable Silicon Valley, set the tone of the day by asking the participants to be here in an active way and to be bold. Gil Friend, Chief Sustainability Officer, City of Palo Alto, introduced climate change as an interconnected problem that calls for integrated solutions. "Sustainability is a team sport," he said, "and it will take all of our participation and collaboration to solve it."

Steve Hipskind, Chief of the Earth Science Division at NASA-Ames Research Center, gave a climate science update. Projections show increasing heat, drought and disruption. NASA takes the pulse for the planet, collects data about the earth, and makes that data available to the public globally through NEX (NASA Earth Exchange).

Keynote speaker Mayor R. Rex Parris, of Lancaster, CA, told the story of Lancaster and how it is on-track to be among the first net zero cities in the world, plus it will have the most solar power per resident in the state. Parris believes that climate change will be solved in neighborhoods, not at the federal level; after all, the Mayor's office controls building permits, and to make a net zero city, you need net zero buildings. Next year, a new Lancaster law will require a solar panel installation on every new home. The Mayor also drew attention to two companies that worked on his net zero house project: BYD-America provides batteries and has created an electric bus that can travel for 300 miles, and KB homes which has moved beyond building net zero energy homes and they are now starting to build homes that also drastically cut water use, with systems that capture and reuse water.

[http://ih.constantcontact.com/fs184/1101717268039/img/882.png]Elan Scheinman, Vice Chair of Board, Sustainable Silicon Valley, introduced
Net Positive Bay Area, an action-based initiative to enable the Bay Area to produce more energy than it consumes, sequester more carbon than it emits, and use only locally available water resources.

This is a project-based initiative, which focuses on tangible steps and measurable results to ensure the area is moving toward achieving these goals by 2050, and thorough documentation will enable other communities to replicate these efforts and help solve climate change.

Net Positive Bay Area Projects:

 * NASA-Ames Research Park: Protocols for Building and Technical System - Dr. Daniel Rasky, Chief, Space Portal, NASA-Ames Research Center

 * East Palo Alto Neighborhood: Community Engagement and Offset Funding - Brent Butler, Community Planning, City of East Palo Alto

 * SF Bay Area Super Bowl 50 in 2016: Delivering a Major Event in a Net Positive Way - Neill Duffy, Sustainability Advisor, San Francisco Bay Area Super Bowl 50 Host Committee in Feb. 2016

Demetra McBride gave a brief overview of Silicon Valley 2.0, a geo-economic tool to help decision-makers evaluate the costs of climate impact on infrastructure, public health and well-being. Policy-makers can use this to determine replacement costs, revenue impacts, and changes in operability of infrastructure assets for responsible climate adaptation planning.


Photo by Puliatti Photographic

The 11 Conversations for Action were dynamic and lively! SSV note-takers documented the discussions and we hope you will continue the conversation on SSV's LinkedIn group:

 * Transportation

Connie McGee, Enterprise Rideshare

Brian Shaw, Stanford University, Dept. of Transportation

Linda Furnas, 511.org<http://511.org>

 * Recycled Water
Garth Hall, SCVWD, Deputy Operating Officer

Kerrie Romanow, City of San José, Dept of Env. Services

 * Net Positive - Cities

Mayor R. Rex Parris

Gil Friend, City of Palo Alto

Brent Butler, City of East Palo Alto

· Net Positive - Events

Neill Duffy, SF Bay Area Super Bowl 50 Host Committee

Adam Stern, Executive Director, Acterra

 * Net Positive - Campus

David Kaneda, Integral Group

Michael Hirahara, LinkedIn

· Renewable Energy:Building Pathways to Local Renewables

Craig Lewis, Clean Coalition

Margaret Bruce, Manzanita Consulting

Martha Amram, CEO, WattzOn

 * Renewable Energy: Energy Storage/Distributed Power

Asim Hussain, Bloom Energy

Kevin Kuhn, Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas)

· Geo Engineering

Dr. Robert Chatfield, NASA,

Dr. Leslie Field, Ice911

 * Data & Metrics

Thomas Odenwald, SAP, Sr. VP Sustainability Strategy

Dave Rosenheim, The Climate Registry

Rachael Terada, Center for Resource Solutions

· DIY Climate Action

Sandra Slater, Cool City Challenge

Eric Rosenblum, Sustainable San José 3D District 3

Water infrastructure is going through a revolution. This panel discussed water infrastructure, financing, upkeep, and opportunities. There are a few different paths for financing large-scale potable water infrastructure on the Peninsula - impact investing, asset managers like BlackRock, and green bonds. Moderated by San Mateo County Board of Supervisor President Dave Pine, Chad Spitler of Blackrock, Lauryn Agnew, Bay Area Impact Investing Initiative, John Stufflebean, City of Sunnyvale, and Garth Hall, Santa Clara Valley Water District explored financing and structural options for regional management of water resources. SB 628 <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001e-feFufMTuKhWfjyb-xnKY8rgbwl71N_T5j5Hu_faISn-uoLUtF7hGADYUVummuVcZtlJ3QHNnF8Sq7UAQLWE8l0b5-2h63GILqNG7me-8d17XVBG4hNt597mStTcLc5M2twZKGJvI0bqc1T92OwWIxSFsW6klzb_nLDyDfdukZNb3feZluk3r6av72pbVNLPMRqQBHqk7LomZU_1tBkygRdbQ-RQdweIeNEVsOvbCSmUFand3diDRTMc3-FISkUpLgM7yaQfu7gKCZJsq2epA==&c=02h6Pfxh3-LfeqEJ8xQI8uZghEPEEmCns7T9V4nco0VoqniVskzdPg==&ch=Bj_8FxlNm43oIOQmDdWyTLEssqOgXrJulHn21B81f3UYLlR7zNyH5A==> by State Senator Jim Beall enables enhanced infrastructure financing districts which would help the County of San Mateo build shared recycled water facilities and pipelines. It would also help Bay Area cities create bonds to finance sea level rise infrastructure.


Photo by Puliatti Photographic

Photo of Call For Solutions judges and participants at WEST.

Gold Prize: Sustainable Production of Industrial Sugars - Presented by David Smernoff - from


Silver Prize: Sustainability Base Gray Water Recycling System - presented by Michael Flynn

Bronze Prize: SeaWave Battery. -- presented by Gail Work - from One Earth Ventures Inc.

Judges: Drew Clark, IBM Venture Capital Group, Hon. Rick DeGolia, Vice Mayor Atherton, Michael Hirahara, LinkedIn, and Ashwini Kantak, City of San José .

Referee: Dr. Anthony Strawa, NASA.


Ray Martin, Board President, Sustainable Silicon Valley, thanked attendees for participating in WEST 2014: Net Positive call for Action and shared a vision of a net positive region and world.

Thank you for again for your interest, participation, and contribution to WEST 2014: Net Positive Call to Action. We look forward to celebrating Sustainable Silicon Valley's 15th Anniversary at WEST 2015.

If you are inspired by the Net Positive Initiative, please consider making a donation<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001e-feFufMTuKhWfjyb-xnKY8rgbwl71N_T5j5Hu_faISn-uoLUtF7hBtfAjoFa6KIPZpyeDlRFInzvodrP7I00yfDF5pEZ6BVxI05sYlmLKp5-4X4K8DDQFErk9PJirYwjZy-e5zySmI1iRELunbUGUHu4rozglLhfjoeqbLyHwrAH5p4OHV6vK1vT56mXZ9zm6qq5310bB4C_4pK_ZWS5kgQA9zEO3ya&c=02h6Pfxh3-LfeqEJ8xQI8uZghEPEEmCns7T9V4nco0VoqniVskzdPg==&ch=Bj_8FxlNm43oIOQmDdWyTLEssqOgXrJulHn21B81f3UYLlR7zNyH5A==> or becoming a partner <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001e-feFufMTuKhWfjyb-xnKY8rgbwl71N_T5j5Hu_faISn-uoLUtF7hGADYUVummuVk-u2yFQXz0fycOVyBBhffjDr9BdJhlAV2I7uEgh-TIUlVIgdfJjVzdABWxWw3I7_f94oJNtDRtaZCaqZmX3Ja01gP899Zf3mmBg0V3Pu5H5r0MnmJj2Rsxk24iHRQ0672Hhq2RNwuce8EuFxa1gp4jgV-2jO1IRqwpBPM8OBrWCVkyWVs4BuesKcknZ2rKTy&c=02h6Pfxh3-LfeqEJ8xQI8uZghEPEEmCns7T9V4nco0VoqniVskzdPg==&ch=Bj_8FxlNm43oIOQmDdWyTLEssqOgXrJulHn21B81f3UYLlR7zNyH5A==> to support our work.

Best Regards,

Marianna Grossman
Executive Director

WEST 2014:
Net Positive Call to Action
Quotes from the Summit

"You don't solve these issues alone; you solve them together."
- Gil Friend, City of Palo Alto

"Silicon Valley is about hope and solutions."
- Marianna Grossman, Sustainable Silicon Valley

"By 2100, if we don't do something, it's gonna get pretty hot!"
- Steve Hipskind, NASA-Ames Research Center

"Lancaster can produce more kW from the sun than any place on earth."
- Hon. R. Rex Parris,
Mayor of Lancaster

"Decisions that have impact need to happen on a city level."
- Elan Scheinman, Sustainable Silicon Valley

"We have to look at what we produce, consume and how we get around."
- Brent Butler, East Palo Alto

"We're not just hosting the Super Bowl. We're redefining it."
- Neill Duffy, Super Bowl 50 Host Committee

"We want renewables to replace petroleum-based transportation."
- Craig Lewis, Clean Coalition

"We consume 50% more than what our planet can sustain in a given year."
- Kyle Lemle, Global Footprint Network

"Individual action can and does make a difference." - Marc Warsowe, AquaPedal LLC

"If you missed WEST 2014, you missed some awesome!"
- Gil Friend, City of Palo Alto

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