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VAPAHCS Takes Pride in Dental Service & Staff

From: Hill-Jackson, Michael <"Hill-Jackson,>
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2014 15:28:48 -0700


It has been brought to our attention that our local NBC affiliate will
run a story on our Dental Service. VA Palo Alto Health Care System
(VAPAHCS) takes pride in our Dental services and the staff providing


At the current time we do not have a wait list for dental care and the
average waiting time for a new patient to see a dentist is 26 days. We
have accomplished this by expanding our sites of dental care, hiring
additional general dentists, specialty dentists, expanding our hours and
by working with our community partners. At this time, there are a number
of Veterans who have complex dental needs who have been maintained in
regular dental care who need further evaluation to determine the most
appropriate next stage of treatment. These patients are in the process
of being evaluated by our dental specialists. Unfortunately not all
Veterans who are eligible for health care from VA are eligible for
comprehensive Dental care. We do provide a list of low cost community
dental providers to those Veterans who are not eligible for
comprehensive VA Dental care


As Chief of Dental Service, Dr. Nath's principle duty is to improve the
quality and efficiency of the care we provide. However, she also does
provide service directly to our Veterans by helping to staff our dental
triage clinic as well as filling in behind providers who are on leave.
Since joining our staff two years ago, Dr. Nath has worked diligently
through various process improvement efforts to ensure that wait lists
for Veterans to receive basic dental care have been eliminated. She has
introduced best practices, and standardized processes within our Dental
Service to maximize the quality of care as well as the productivity and
efficiency of our dental teams. Dr. Nath has also worked to secure
additional equipment, space and staff so that VA Palo Alto Health Care
System can provide state of the art dental care.


VAPAHCS has implemented process improvements projects like those in the
Dental Service throughout the health care system. This has been done as
part of a new management system that is aimed at improving the access,
quality, safety and efficiency of the care that we deliver to Veterans.
It is our goal to exceed Veteran expectations as well as ensuing that
every Veteran receives the individualized care and attention that they


Thomas J. Fitzgerald, III

Acting Director



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Received on Mon Sep 29 2014 - 15:24:47 PDT

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