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World gears up for biggest Peace Day yet

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Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2014 15:38:14 -0400

Honorable Mayor Mueller and Council Members,
If the prospects of world peace is important to you, then please mark
Sunday, September 21, 2014 on your calendar. This program has been endorsed by
the United Nations and many, many other credible groups.
For more information, go to _www.peaceoneday.org/peacecode_
In a world torn by war, violence and strife, it is wonderful that groups
like this exist and deserve our full support, encouragement and respect.


Dear Jim,

With Peace Day just over two weeks away, we want to give you an idea of
the extraordinary scale of this year’s celebration, which is set to be the
biggest by far in terms of commitment to the day. What will you do for peace
on Sunday, 21 September?

Thousands of organizations and individuals are planning Peace Day

As part of our campaign in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the
Great Lakes region of Africa (GLR), we are excited to announce that a
series of large-scale activities will be carried out by a number of UN agencies
and major NGOs on Peace Day 2014, including:

    * UNICEF/ DRC Ministry of Health will conduct mass Polio
vaccinations in support of Peace Day. Vaccinations will begin from 19-21 September
    * UNHCR/ UNFPA will be involved in the distribution of 1000
fuel-efficient stoves and briquettes
    * International NGO Search for Common Ground will organise sports
games, mobile cinema, and reconciliation committees
    * Big concerts in Kigali and Bujumbura, both facilitated by UN
    * UNHCR in the ‪DRC will support the voluntary repatriation of DRC
refugees from Uganda
Stay tuned for the announcement of more humanitarian and large-scale
activities in the next couple of weeks.

Our global campaign is building such momentum that it’s hard not to be
excited. The number of organisations and individuals signing up to be a part
of the action on 21 September surpasses anything we’ve seen before. Why not
join them and make this Peace Day your day, too?

We want to tell your story and inspire others to tell theirs! Please join
millions of others in a collective effort to celebrate Peace Day. Even
better, you can share your plans with us and them _here_
(http://cts.vresp.com/c/?PeaceOneDay/7fbdc3e39f/1e98760ceb/fdf124d49d) .

Marking the day online

Social media is a powerful tool to mark Peace Day and to share the message
of the day with your friends, families and followers. Here are a number of
quick and easy ways you can mark 21 September:
    1. Join the 2014 Peace One Day Thunderclap and help us make as much
noise as possible for Peace Day on Twitter and Facebook. _Join here_
    2. Post and share the YouTube livestream of the Peace One Day
Celebration 2014 on your social media platforms at 12 noon London time on Sunday,
21 September. Get the link here:
    3. Embed the livestream on your website and blog. For more
information about this please visit: _www.peaceoneday.org/peacecode_
Please email us _here_

By hosting the live stream of the concert free on Peace Day you will be
helping to take the message of the day to the widest possible audience,
supporting the campaign to engage all sectors of society in the day's observance
throughout the world.

In next week’s mailout

We’ll be giving you the latest news on grassroots activities from around
the globe. There’s so much to tell!

Large or small, your efforts on Peace Day can really help to bring about
change. Thanks to all who’ve joined the movement so far.

In peace,


Jeremy Gilley
Founder, Peace One Day

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