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Wise report fails to meets requirement for accuracy, completeness and impartiality]

From: domainremoved <Heyward>
Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2014 23:35:17 -0700
Council Members,

Please consider the issues raised in the attached letter to the editor.

Thank you,

Heyward Robinson


By law, the City is not allowed to take sides in elections.  All materials provided by the City must consider all important points and be fair to both sides of the issue.  The $150,000 Wise report, which the Menlo Park City Council accepted last Tuesday, does not meet this standard. 

For example, when analyzing the Initiative's section prohibiting balconies and rooftops from being considered as open space, the Wise report ignores the obvious public benefit of requiring developers to include more open space in their projects.  The Report did not analyze any impacts of pending projects, including the massive and controversial proposals from Stanford and Greenheart, nor did it evaluate against the community's Vision for the Plan area what will happen with these and other pending projects.
In accepting an admittedly deficient report, in mid-summer with no prior discussion, and no other meetings scheduled, Council gave City's official backing to work known to be inaccurate.  This is a great disservice to the voters of Menlo Park who are relying on the City to provide complete, accurate and truthful information for the upcoming ballot measure.

The City should immediately address the report's shortcomings and issue corrections as soon as possible.  Not doing so violates the law
and deprives the public of vital information necessary to decide this important issue.

Heyward Robinson

Received on Sun Jul 20 2014 - 23:32:11 PDT

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