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You don't get it, or you don't care.

From: domainremoved <Elizabeth>
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2014 08:21:05 -0700

If you think your time is too important for me to waste 150 seconds of it,
just think how much of residents time you have wasted pleading with you to
do the right thing, take a stand, make a decision for the betterment of
Menlo Park.

2:30 seconds of Civil Disobedience, 30 seconds of saying what everybody in
Menlo Park thinks - you don't listen to the Residents of Menlo Park -
either you don't get it or you truly don't care. If it's not one, prove to
me it's not the other.

It should not take over 4 years to protect an Open Space Park from raping
by a private country club, it shouldn't take 14 years to ban spraying a
deadly herbicide city-wide and it shouldn't take 8 years to beautify
blighted properties with sensible growth protecting residents from traffic
overflow from an already gridlocked El Camino. What are you doing? Well,
I've seen Keith push aside residents to get in on a photo op, I've heard
'we're doing our best' from the Mayor, I've heard 'this isn't what Stanford
said they were going to do' from Cline, sometimes I really question if
Ohtaki can actually make a decision in real time, and it's not okay to
think that stopping deadly chemicals where residents, and their kids and
dogs play is enough 'for now.'

Go ahead, send it to another committee, consultant, or study and continue
NOT to stand up for residents, the city, and continue to propagate our ever
declining quality of life here while you all try to make sure you don't
piss anyone off - especially staff and deep pockets you need for your next
bid for office, money for a so-called non-profit, or ego-stroking big-fish

Prove me wrong.

Elizabeth Houck
Received on Wed Jul 16 2014 - 08:18:00 PDT

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