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Save Menlo Initiative

From: domainremoved <Kathryn>
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2014 12:21:58 -0700

To the members of the Menlo Park city council:

Please add my voice to those who are urging you to adopt the Save Menlo Initiative. As a 30 year resident of Allied Arts, I have seen plenty of change and development along Menlo Park’s southern border. We have weathered it all, and remain a walkable, vibrant neighborhood. But nothing has been so likely to change irrevocably not only our neighborhood but all of west Menlo Park, as what is currently proposed for the El Camino corridor.

I am not a NIMBYist and I don’t think most of my co-supporters of the initiative are - we support development of the vacant car lots, and we understand that development, while it inevitably imposes costs on a neighborhood and a city, will also bring many benefits. I fully support economic and residential growth in Menlo Park. But we only get one shot at this, and we’ll live with the consequences for a long time.

Please listen to the voices of thousands of committed and concerned Menlo Park residents, and adopt the provisions of the Save Menlo Initiative.

Kathryn Henkens
6 Princeton Rd
Menlo Park CA 94025
Received on Fri Jul 11 2014 - 12:19:19 PDT

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