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Belle Haven Fireworks

From: domainremoved <Menlo>
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2014 13:51:27 -0700

Dear Mr. Mayor, Chief Jonsen, Esteemed City Council Members,

I am writing to ask for your assistance with a very troubling annual
occurrence in our neighborhood: As I am sure you are aware, firework use
during this time of year increases dramatically. As our nation celebrates
its independence, firework display are fun and patriotic--and even the
small ones some people use at their homes can be exciting during this time.

However, Menlo Park's *Belle Haven neighborhood is plagued by firework
usage* on and around July 4. The real problem is that the fireworks being
used are *large, commercial-grade charges* that were never intended for
residential or amateur use. This is *real safety issue*. The lofting
charges alone from these fireworks are *extremely powerful and loud*, as
they were never meant to be experienced by anyone other than pyrotechnics
experts wearing appropriate safety equipment. In addition, these fireworks
pose a very real *fire danger*, particularly during this time of
exceptional drought. (Further worrisome is that there are a number of
veterans' homes in Belle Haven, and the loud explosions can be triggering
to combat-related PTSD, compromising the health of our local veterans.)

In recent years, a majority of this activity centers at *1331 Sevier Ave* on
July 4. They use extremely large shells with very loud blasts and have
developed a sophisticated means of using "lookouts" to warn of approaching
police cars.

We, as the residents of Belle Haven, ask that you please make significant
efforts to *stop these dangerous and troublesome actions*. We understand
that July 4th is very busy time for the police department, but this
specific location needs attention. A plain-clothes officer may sound
extreme, but it may be needed for the safety of our residents and

As it is my understanding that these emails are public record, I would
prefer to remain anonymous, as there has been a tone of retaliation in this
neighborhood in the past. Should you need further information, I would be
happy to call you if you were to provide a direct phone number.

Thank you for addressing this very serious matter.

Happy Independence Day!
Your Residents.
Received on Thu Jul 03 2014 - 13:48:29 PDT

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