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Safeway debris

From: domainremoved <Carma>
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2014 08:05:56 -0700

Good Morning City Council Members.


My husband and I have been Menlo Park residents for over 28 years. We have
raised two children here and feel fortunate to have been part of the Menlo
Park City School System and the larger community for all this time. That is
why we are so concerned about the increasing problems with trash, old
clothing and other debris surrounding the Safeway property on the Middle Ave
side. Initially, there were issues with large amounts of cigarette butts
and an occasional can or bottle. Over the past few months, however, there
has been a significant increase in the amount of trash of various types
both on the sidewalk, in the landscaping and next to neighboring homes.


I am, attaching some photos which were taken over the past week as examples
of the problem. When we brought this to the attention of Safeway employees
(including the Manager on duty) they questioned whether it was their
responsibility to address the situation but agreed to "look into it". It
has been over week with no signs of any attempt to resolve the problem.


The condition of the surrounding Safeway property is not only dramatically
inconsistent with the image that we expect Menlo Park businesses to
maintain, but seems to be a potential health and safety issue as well.


We are hoping that you will be able to work with Safeway to address this
problem quickly and restore the property to a condition that is consistent
with the lovely neighborhoods surrounding the complex.


Thank you so much for your assistance with this matter. Please feel free to
contact me with any questions.




Carma A, Heitzmann, Ph.D.



Carma A. Heitzmann





Carma A. Heitzmann



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Received on Wed Jun 18 2014 - 08:05:40 PDT

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