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Request for Immediate Update of Circulation Element Assessment and Revisions Prior to, or in conjunction with, the Pending Hodgepodge Processes.

From: domainremoved <George>
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2014 12:08:53 -0700

Dear Council,
 The Circulation Element Update Task 3.1, of the General Plan update,
should be pulled from Agenda Item F2 tonight. That Task 3.1 should
immediately be combined with the El Camino Real Corridor study, in process,
The Voter Initiative consultant review, in process, and the various studies
of Stanford project traffic, the Ravenswood right turn process, the
Greenheart CEQA process and any other traffic, pedestrian and bicycle
facility, or transit studies. To study, analyze, and update models and
applicable Circulation standards after the above prior projects are done is
backwards. Any redo of the applicable Standards should take place either
before or in conjunction with the largest development projects ever in the
El Camino Corridor, not after the horse has left the barn under different

According to the City’s El Camino corridor study website, El Camino Real as
it currently exists does not adequately serve the Menlo park community’s
needs for safe and efficient multi-modal transportation and access to local
destinations, in part because of a El Camino Real bottle neck resulting
from the 6 lane interface with Menlo park on the city’s southern border.
 In addition ECR as it currently exists could have as many as 13,000
Additional Daily Automobile Trips resulting from the Specific Plan, which
is going to expand circulation impacts all through Menlo Park, mandating
comprehensive actions.

Task 3 will fully and comprehensively examine Existing Conditions, Existing
Transit lines, Existing pedestrian and Bicycle facilities, Update/Refine
models for determining and forecasting, traffic analysis zones, land use
data, roadway network, non-auto travel, trip distribution patterns, vehicle
miles traveled, determine growth rate, update the current Circulation
System Assessment (‘CSA”) mode, near term traffic conditions, assess 2040
circulation Network Assessment, comprehensive Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan
assessment, comprehensive Regional Transit development, intersection
operation analysis, and Update mobility strategies, Transportation Impact
Assessment (TIA) complete streets, TDM and Traffic management.

Task 3 will allow the systematic solution of the Menlo Park circulation
problems resulting from the proposed two largest projects ever in the
Downtown/ ECR area, and future development resulting from doubling the “by
right” development” by the Specific Plan. To allow the present hodge-podge
piecemeal approach before undertaking the systematic comprehensive
Circulation study and revision is ludicrous. Please properly manage them.

Thank You.
George C. Fisher
1121 Cotton
Received on Tue Jun 17 2014 - 12:12:09 PDT

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