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General Plan update

From: domainremoved <Patti>
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2014 08:54:46 -0700

Dear Council,

As you move forward on the General Plan update, please ensure that the
following are part of that important effort:

1. The work fully supports the existing General Plan's Goals, including the
expectation for the M-2 area that is to generate substantial revenue to the
city. See attached excerpt.

   - Ensure the GP, esp. for M-2, supports the primary sustainable sources
   for that revenue, which should be sales and use taxes, and TOT. Other
   revenue, such as property taxes, are gaited by Prop 13 and so do not
   increase at the rate of city expenses.
   - Ensure the consultants' work provides sufficient detail about sales
   tax/use tax/TOT revenue from various types of uses so that the GP can be
   crafted to continue to provide needed revenue even when markets shift

The M-2 area has been Menlo Park's traditional financial breadbasket. It
will be your responsibility to ensure that ongoing sales/use/TOT revenues
continue to flow and grow even when markets more highly favor uses that
don't generate such revenue.
This effort needs to help provide the information to help the council make
wise decisions for the city's financial future.

2. The consultants estimate the maximum allowable development possible
using new zoning rules in a variety of market scenarios over a very long
time. That might help avoid situations like the last GP update that was
fully built out well before the estimated life of the plan, or the DSP that
had an Illustrative Scenario made obsolete within months.

3. The effort plans for the kinds of uses that support a residential
community so residents don't have to go to other cities to get basic needs
met. For example, that the need for car repair shops, daycare, senior
housing, retail stores, gas stations, etc. are explicitly identified and
encouraged in appropriate and accessible places.

4. The effort makes explicit plans for infrastructure improvements and
support services, and for ways to fund them.

5. The streamlining of approvals does not remove entirely points of
leverage and oversight, particularly over uses that may not be as helpful
as others to attain the city's revenue requirements and goals.

Respectfully submitted,
Patti Fry

Received on Tue Jun 17 2014 - 08:52:18 PDT

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