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guess you really don't care about residents over a golf course...

From: domainremoved <Elizabeth>
Date: Sat, 7 Jun 2014 23:00:11 -0700

Kirsten Keith cozies up to the deep pockets of the Country Club and when I
called her on it she wouldn't give me a straight answer - her mind already
made up, but used an inane amount of political double-speak to skirt the
issue. Peter O., mediocrity prevails again, and Rich, such a
disappointment all around. No surprises here... really, no surprise at
all. These are all the same folks that pushed for Stanford to get 5 -
5-story buildings... yet lament that they are working so hard for the City
(what about the residents??!!)

What is worrisome is that three actually don't care that residents don't
want a well in a public park for a private country club, we don't want our
tax dollars used in staff time on it, and we don't want anything like this
to move forward without better water policy. Short-sightedness prevails.

We want City Council Members that care about residents and resources above
large development and bad water policy.

I will get in line with all the environmental groups that will sue the City
if this well moves forward.

Elizabeth Houck
Received on Sat Jun 07 2014 - 22:57:54 PDT

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