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Discussion on Future Water Opportunities for Menlo Park

From: domainremoved <Daniel>
Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2014 16:37:28 -0700

Dear Menlo Park City Council:


For many years you have heard my voice in support of our urban forest. Our
trees are doing all they can to eliminate greenhouse gases, but they need
water and water is a precious commodity in our climate. We must be creative
and look to new sources and resources for water to irrigate our urban


Recently, Sharon Heights Golf and Country Club (SHGCC ) has been in
conversations with the West Bay Sanitation District (WBSD) respecting
opportunities to work together to determine the feasibility of installing a
water recycling system for the western area of Menlo Park. While
preliminary, it is my understanding that the discussions indicate promise;
there are studies to be done, grants to apply for, etc. This is a positive
development for all of the residents of Menlo Park. It is creative. It is
forward looking.


As you know, the Menlo Park Municipal Water District ( MPMWD) believes it is
the best interests of the MPMWD and the City of Menlo Park to transition
the SHGCC to well water or a combination of Hetch-Hetchy, ground water and
recycled water. The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, which
manages Hetch Hetchy, the Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency
(BAWSCA) and Cal Water concur with this opinion. It is in the public
interest; that is, for all of the residents of Menlo Park.


The MPMWD would like to advance the discussions on this project to determine
if there is an acceptable partnership agreement that can be crafted between
the MPMWD and SHGCC, and including perhaps WBSD.


At your meeting tonight, MPMWD will ask the council for permission to
proceed with such discussions and investigation based on its prior research
and findings. MPMWD Is not asking the council to approve anything other
than to allow discussions on a potential partnership. That is, for a
creative water solution in the public interest to serve the interests of the
City of Menlo Park and its residents.


These discussion are necessary so that fully informed decisions can be made
by Council going forward.


Today, I am writing to ask you to be forward thinking to consider our
environment, our urban forest, and our precious water supply, and our shared
environment, by authorizing MPMWD to undertake these discussions.


Please allow these discussion to go forward. Who know what public good may
come from them. Let's find out.


Thank you for reading and considering my comments.


Daniel J. Kocher

Former Environmental Quality Commissioner (8.5 years)

Member of the Green Ribbon Citizens Committee

Menlo Park Resident for more than 20 Years


Received on Tue Jun 03 2014 - 16:35:19 PDT

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