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lyle park

From: domainremoved <Triona>
Date: Thu, 29 May 2014 11:07:08 -0700

Dear Council Members,
I am writing about the Porta Potty set up at Lyle Park and the Parks and
Rec Commission's decision to recommend construction of a bathroom at Lyle

More than a decade ago the city staff met with members of the Lyle Park
neighborhood at the Baptist Church to discuss development of that piece of
land prior to the building of Rosener House.

Residents were concerned about loss of the park as an asset to the
neighborhood. We did not want the park to become overused and more
importantly to be unavailable to the neighborhood. It was those concerns
that led to the decision to have
1. half court basketball facilities
2. no public bathrooms

If human feces has become a problem at the Park it is due to overuse. The
installation of public restrooms will encourage an increase in use. Since
the installation of the Porta Potty this past year we have seen more teams
taking over the fields for games. After the AYSO teams leave we now have
adult frisbee, soccer and touch football teams showing up to play into the
early evenings.

I realize that a resident who wants only to sit peacefully in the park does
not have an organized voice with which to appeal to the council. However I
am asking to have the park returned to the residents who live within
walking distance. Do not build public restrooms.

Thank you
Triona Gogarty
Received on Thu May 29 2014 - 11:05:07 PDT

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