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stop signs on Wallea Drive

From: domainremoved <Patti>
Date: Thu, 1 May 2014 21:45:14 -0700

Dear Honorable Mayor and Council -
We want to point out a few facts about the situation in our neighborhood.
Some of these comments were included in letters sent to the city in
response to the public notice about this matter, but were not attached to
your staff report for some reason.

First, Wallea Drive is the designated bike route to the San Mateo Drive
Bike Bridge. There are "bike bridge" signs at Middle and at Santa Cruz Ave
designating the route. Because Wallea Drive is straighter and slightly
shorter than San Mateo Drive, it is what virtually every one of the scores
of daily and weekend bikers use to traverse this neighborhood. Commuter
bikers use Wallea from pre-dawn to post-dusk every single day. Because
vehicular traffic is very light, bikers do not need to stop at the
intersections of Wallea and San Mateo Drives. Their passage would be
greatly affected by new stop signs.

After living at the intersection of Wallea and San Mateo Drives near Santa
Cruz Ave for nearly 23 years, I am quite familiar with the challenges that
a few drivers have at the intersections of these two streets at both ends
of Wallea. Our neighbors know to slow down and yield to the right, and many
visitors do, too, following proper rules of driving. We can see traffic at
"our" intersection from our kitchen window. We do not know of a single
accident in all this time and the only screeches we ever hear are a rare
speeding solo driver who takes a too-wide turn from Santa Cruz onto Wallea
-- not a conflict with another driver.

The trimming of vegetation at the south end of Wallea improved sight lines
and safety. That was a good thing. We think installation of stop signs is
unwarranted, however, and urge you to approve Yield signs instead, if you
approve anything. These would accomplish a goal of alerting drivers to slow
and yield, but wouldn't unnecessarily impede bikers.

Apparently there are concerns that yield signs can't work because there is
no posted speed limit. If speed is the reason not to approve Yield signs,
please consider measures that would lower the speed so Yield signs would be
deemed adequate. Examples:

   - Post signs at both ends of the neighborhood that establish 15 mph as
   the speed limit. BTW there IS a sign that says 15 mph at the southern
   - Place "kids at play" signs at both ends to alert drivers to be cautious
   - Put speed tables near the intersections to slow traffic sufficiently

Alternatively, put the stop signs on San Mateo Drive rather than on Wallea
Drive so that the bike route traffic is not impeded by the signs.

Approval of stop signs on Wallea Drive would produce scores of scofflaws
every day. There is no need for them or most motorists to stop at these
intersections because the intra-neighborhood traffic is very light. Bikers
probably won't stop anyway unless there is the extremely rare occasion to
do so. Approval of stop signs on Wallea would put every biker at risk for a
traffic ticket.

Surely there is another option to improve safety for the extremely rare
situations where inattentive drivers aren't watchful.

Thank you for your consideration
Wallea Drive
Received on Thu May 01 2014 - 21:43:27 PDT

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