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Parking Ticket Injustice

From: domainremoved <>
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2014 18:51:16 -0400

The “Illegal” Parking Ticket
OK. So you know that parking-ticket revenues support circa 3 Menlo Park
Staff Members. And you know that traffic ticket administrators are “just
following rules ” when they give you a ticket for, say, casting a shadow on a
white line—as Councilmember Cline just found out.
But did you know that, alas, there is no justice for those that receive
said tickets illegally. Sad but True.My husband took our car to Menlo Park,
parked there for less than 2 hours, and returned home for lunch.
I then took the car, first to the library and then for a late pm haircut.
This trip got me one library book, one haircut-- and one parking ticket.
The car was dunned for the time it spent in town.
But here’s the kicker. My husband , overwhelmed by the injustice of it
all, appealed the ticket, and in due time, we appeared before someone called
judge (but not judge). As if in some real courtroom drama, I brought proof
from the library that a book was borrowed by me at 2:30 pm on the very day
the alleged crime occurred. But the wily “judge” was neither moved by our
word or our evidence, and with a bang of the gavel our appeal was denied.
Mickie Winkler
Received on Wed Apr 30 2014 - 15:49:28 PDT

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